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The application is submitted online

Pre-selection after online application

An initial pre-selection will be made on the basis of the application documents and investor presentation, which are to be submitted online.

Due diligence

If the application is positively evaluated in the pre-selection, the management agency will carry out a due diligence assessment, for which the company will need to submit additional documents. This assessment focuses on the eligibility of the technology for funding, and the creditworthiness of the company. If this step of the procedure is also successful, the management agency deepens its analysis with an emphasis on the legal and financial aspects of the application.

Proposal to expert committee

When the due diligence investigation is complete, the application will be submitted to the expert committee for decision. Successful applicants will receive assurance of a guarantee and will be able to finalise the loan contract. The lender will receive the guarantee and transfer the loan. The company is then required to submit a quarterly report to the management agency, and additionally to present an annual oral progress report.

In all national languages

The application form and questions lists are available in German, Italian and French.

Duration of the Due Diligence process

It usually takes at least three months from the time the application is submitted until a positive decision is made by the expert committee. The more time an applicant needs to answer the questions, the longer the process will take.

For a detailed process description from application to loan guarantee and a list of required documents please click here.