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Innovative companies which already received a loan guarantee due to their contribution to climate protection

3Brain AG

3Brain develops its accomplished and patented microchip-based technology for non-invasive studies of brain illnesses, resulting in the finding of new cures for them. In putting forth 3Brain’s innovative brain-on-chip technology, several labs are able to reduce the use of data and power requirements while also minimizing the use of animals within their studies.

With the support of Technology Fund, we’ll be able to further advance our technology for the study of brain pathologies. In addition to achieving new products that will meet the needs of more sophisticated customers, the support obtained with the loan guarantee will help us increase our sales capacity and expand into new markets.

Mauro Gandolfo

3rd eyes analytics AG

3rd-eyes analytics works in the wealthtech sector, offering sustainable asset planning and investment advisory solutions for financial services providers. With our innovative service, we identify the effects of climate change and its risks for personal investment strategies and wealth development, thus achieving a sustainable reduction in carbon emissions.

Although sustainability is now mainstream for institutional investments, private investors hardly have any idea about the negative effects that climate change will have on their asset and pension situation. Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we can further develop our sustainable solutions and accelerate the transformation of the financial sector toward more sustainable economic management.

Stephanie Feigt

9T Labs AG

9T Labs’ proprietary technology offering provides a seamlessly integrated workflow to mass produce industry grade carbon fiber composite parts, combining advanced software algorithms, 3D printing technology, and post-processing in one solution. The technology eases the use of this performance material, driving down lead times and production cost to accelerate the growth of this established $ 80 billion industry. We are executing on our mission to make carbon fiber composite materials as accessible as ordinary metal materials.

We are very grateful for the contribution from the Technology Fund, which helps us to source, assemble and bring to market our new industrial 3D printing solution for series mass manufacturing of fiber composite parts.

Martin Eichenhofer
CEO & Co-Founder

Aartesys AG

As an (I)IoT provider, Aartesys develops cloud-ready products and services in the field of communication technology. Aartesys products are used every day in a wide variety of sectors and industries, such as building automation, smart metering in the energy industry, and control and management of devices for wholesale distributors.

Thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund, we at Aartesys can more consistently and flexibly pursue market expansion and further development of our innovative, customer-focused products.

Toni Köhli

Aeris Cleantec AG

Aeris Health offers an air quality system that not only produces hygienic and comfortable working and living spaces, but also drastically reduces their energy consumption. Our products reduce the need for outside air ventilation and boast very low energy consumption.

The support provided by the Swiss Technology Fund is extremely important in helping us ensure innovative and sustainable product development, with the goal of protecting and maintaining the health of both people and nature.

Pierre Bi
CEO & Co-Founder

AgriCircle AG

AgriCircle provides farmers with electronic tools to make cultivating their fields more efficient and environmentally friendly. The company also conducts applied research in the area of satellite and drone-aided remote sensing with the goal of simplifying the decision-making process in field crops and optimizing resources (fertilizer, pest management, seeds).

We are currently developing a satellite-aided soil classification procedure that can be used as the basis for site-specific fertilization. This project is co-funded by the Technology Fund and the European Space Agency (ESA), and implemented in collaboration with the Association of German Agricultural Analytic and Research Institutes (VDLUFA).

Daniel Markward

Algrano AG

Algrano combines technology and services to make it radically easier to source raw coffee directly and sustainably. On the Algrano online platform, roasters can source products directly from coffee producers, while Algrano handles the consolidated shipping, insurance, financing and storage in the background and digitally maps the entire supply chain. This makes it possible to reduce emissions. 

For Algrano, the backing from the Technology Fund represents a significant endorsement and a milestone in our mission to make the coffee trade more sustainable and transparent. The funds will support the further development of our technology and help us to scale our platform globally.

Raphael Studer
CEO & Co-Founder

Aliunid AG

aliunid SA is a digital energy supply company. Energy flows are recorded, optimized and controlled in real time, from power sockets to power plants. The goal is a flexible “breathing supply system” that is climate-friendly, secure and affordable. Small and medium-sized energy companies can make use of a white-label solution to optimize their energy consumption and carbon footprint and digitally redesign their end-customer relationships.

Real-time information is the key to the future of renewable energy. The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is helping us to further develop and market our modern Swiss IoT technology.

David Thiel

Allthings Technologies AG

Allthings Technologies AG has developed a software platform for the real estate industry. The platforms allows simple, digital communication between owners, management and tenants, and offers integrated services to increase efficiency and promote sustainability. Customers benefit from sustainability-focused services, such as energy consumption measurement via micro applications.

We are seeing a great deal of interest across Europe, in particular among asset managers. We need capital in order to expand into other European countries. The Technology Fund enables us to rapidly scale up across Europe.

Marc Beermann

Ampard AG

Ampard Ltd. develops an energy management system that increases the share of self-produced electricity in single- and multi-family houses, which already use photovoltaic systems and battery storage devices. Furthermore, the energy management system AMPARD aggregates solar storage systems to a virtual power plant. These decentralized storage systems can help to stabilize the grid in storing excess grid power temporarily. Selling unused battery capacity to the frequency regulation markets means additional revenues for battery owners and accelerates the further expansion of renewable energies in a decentralized energy supply system. 

We are experiencing great demand for AMPARD and are about to increase market development activities in Switzerland, Germany and Benelux region. The loan guarantee helps to back this important investments.

Simon Summermatter

Aqua-4D Water Solutions (Planet Horizons Technologies SA)

Aqua4D is a leading provider of innovative water-smart technology, improving water use efficiency in a variety of industries. Subtly changing the structure of water modifies some of its specific physical properties, improving dissolution of the minerals and a wide range of other benefits. In buildings and animals, clogging, biofilm and limescale are eliminated, prolonging the lifespan of pipe systems. In irrigation, water use is optimized leading to higher productivity, greater efficiency, and sustainable agriculture.

The successful completion of validation projects is key to winning large clients for our relatively young product. The support of the Technology Fund is extremely helpful during this capital-intensive market development phase. At the moment, we are primarily concentrating efforts on developing our business in South America.

Eric Valette

AquaSwiss AG

AquaSwiss uses innovative technology to build high quality, energy-efficient and CO2-optimized water desalination plants. AquaSwiss AG specializes in multi-effect distillation (MED), mechanical vapor compression (MVC) and reverse osmosis. In addition to its engineering center in Switzerland, AquaSwiss also has a regional office in Dubai and a joint venture in Saudi Arabia, where demand for seawater desalination is high.

The Technology Fund provides us with financial resources in order to increase our sales capacities in our target markets, market our innovative systems more efficiently, and patent our innovations tailored to the Middle East and Africa.

Manfred Ried
Head Global Business Development

arviem AG

Arviem develops and markets a freight tracking and monitoring software platform. Arviem uncovers blind spots in the supply chain by installing automated location and sensor technology on multimodal containers. The real-time data provided by Arviem improves the entire supply chain in the areas of inventory management, product quality, sustainability and waste reduction, and measures the carbon footprint of logistics processes.

The support of the Technology Fund is an important milestone for Arviem and helps us to achieve our vision of making the entire supply chain ecosystem more transparent: waste and spoilage are reduced on the distribution level, which in turn improves sustainability.

Stefan Reidy
CEO und Gründer

Attolight SA

Attolight AG develops innovative characterization tools and solutions for research laboratories and the semiconductor industry. Attolight’s innovative combination of electron and light microscopy shows ultra-trace contamination and crystallographic defects that are not visible with other imaging processes. Attolight’s core competency is a measurement technique known as cathodoluminescence, a non-destructive characterization method that provides a level of data that allows a more in-depth understanding of material structures and characteristics.

Until now, Attolight has primarily manufactured tools for research and development of new electronic components. Investment is required to automate the manual devices and adapt them for industrial applications. A loan guarantee from the Technology Fund makes this kind of investment possible.

Samuel Sonderegger

Avrios International AG

Today, data from company vehicle fleets is usually distributed across a number of systems, such as ERP systems, Excel spreadsheets and access databases. With a modern, neutral online platform, Avrios collects all this data in a central database, offering customers transparency when it comes to their vehicle fleets. This allows Avrios to systematically and effortlessly move a large number of vehicle fleets to greener operations and thus significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With our existing platform, we have been able to significantly reduce both fuel consumption and wear and tear for a variety of clients. Thanks to the loan guarantee, we can now develop our software even faster and help companies to manage their fleets more efficiently and sustainably.

Andreas Brenner

Axino Solutions AG

Axino enables food retailers to make data-based decisions about the safety of fresh foodstuffs.  The IoT-based service automates safety processes in stores and guarantees the quality of fresh food. In addition to relieving employees from having to conduct time-consuming quality controls, our data help companies to reduce energy use and food waste. 

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is enabling us to expand our solution with additional features for saving energy and reducing CO2, and sell it more widely on the market. We want to fully exploit the huge potential for reducing CO2.

Mario Vögeli

Bcomp Ltd.

Bcomp applies the latest findings on lightweight and composite materials to natural fibers, thus developing and marketing lightweight solutions for the mobility industry. These solutions improve performance and increase safety, while remaining cost-neutral and reducing environmental impact. The lightweight, sustainable material solutions allow a reduction in weight in a vehicle’s interior, a reduction of plastic use, and thus a drastic reduction in the vehicle’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions during use.

The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund enables us to rapidly expand our technology in order to cover large-volume demand from the automotive industry and start delivery of products to the first global automotive manufacturers in the next 18 months.

Christian Fischer


BE WTR is the first premium sustainable water brand upgrading the local tap water. BE WTR aims to promote ecological water consumption and contributes to better hydration, thanks to its technological and design water systems. The brand develops water systems for private and professional use. BE WTR systems are present in restaurants, hotels, offices and private homes. 

As a fast scaling company which is still in the phase of heavy investments before reaching profitability, receiving the support of the Technology Fund is crucial. It allows us to accelerate markets opening, increase our sales & marketing efforts and enables us to discuss with leading banks a global support.

Mike Hecker

Blockstrom AG

Blockstrom supports real estate owners in setting up and operating solar power plants on their properties. The team calculates whether a merger for own consumption (ZEV) is worthwhile and helps all those involved to procure the necessary hardware and create the contractual basis. The measurement data portal provides both owners and operators with all the information they need to quickly and easily bill energy consumption.

The guarantee gives us access to an operating loan and enables us to cope with the strong growth. This security in turn gives our customers the confidence that the Blockstrom portal is the right solution.

Urs Martin Springer

bNovate Technologies AG

bNovate’s shared vision is to develop solutions for safe water - anytime - anywhere. The Solar Impulse labelled online flow cytometer BactoSense™ allows continuous monitoring of bacteria in water onsite, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The possibility to automatically count bacteria saves the sample transport to a lab and a lot of plastic waste.

This loan guarantee is a very encouraging confirmation that with our products and methodologies we are sustainably contributing to secure the worldwide supply of safe drinking water. It allows us to further invest in the development of our sustainable solutions and services like the BactoSense™.

Simon Künzi

Boostbar AG

Boostbar connects consumers, unattended retail concepts, and operators to make vending more sustainable, exciting, and profitable. Our cutting-edge software and hardware solutions enable efficient operations by reducing trips to customer sites, minimising food waste, and extending the life cycle of existing machines. Boostbar was founded in 2020 and serves clients globally.

Working with the Technology Fund helped us twice: the detailed assessment forced us to put hard numbers behind claims. With the loan guarantee, we will be able to scale our solutions and conquer new markets even faster.

Pascal Uffer
CEO & Founder

Bright Sensors SA

Bright Sensors SA develops, manufactures, and sells gas quality sensors at a significant lower cost than established technologies. Our patented MEMS technology, developed at EPFL, enables real-time, pre-combustion and economic optimization of any gas combustion or chemical transformation process. By doing so we increase energy efficiency, lowering the economic hurdles for renewable gas (bio-methane and hydrogen) investments and therefore reduce emissions.

The Technologiefonds` loan guarantee enables us to develop, industrialize, mass produce and commercialize our second generation sensors at the required speed to market.

Bart Riemens

Calopad AG

With personalized telehealth solutions via mobile app and a reusable deep heat device, Calopad saves resources with every use and relieves pain and tension.

The guarantee is a milestone for Calopad. It will support the planned further development of our sustainable products for pain therapy and the entry into international markets.

Michael Breiter

Carbon Delta AG

“We are very excited to join forces with MSCI to mature and grow our products. Combining Carbon Delta’s scenario analysis and MSCI’s products is what institutional investors have been asking for.”
Press release 13.9.2019

“Carbon Delta has aimed to create the best climate change scenario analytics for financial institutions.”

Oliver Marchand

CEBS AG (Kooky)

kooky is revolutionizing the circular economy with an open, environmentally friendly platform that champions reusability. Companies and cities can drastically reduce waste from single-use items with smart reusable cups, return boxes and access to a neutral data platform. In doing so, kooky also creates new opportunities for manufacturers, retailers and developers to design circular economy solutions.

We are delighted by the pledge from the Technology Fund. The guarantee is a valuable endorsement of our work to date and underscores kooky’s potential for the future. This support will enable us to further advance our vision of ‘One Waste-Free World’ and generate sustainable added value for our society.

Torge Barkholtz

Celeroton AG

The high-tech company Celeroton AG is the leading manufacturer of ultra high-speed electrical drive systems and turbo compressors with speeds of up to one million rpm. Faster, smaller, lighter and more efficient: Celeroton’s turbo compressors, converters and permanent magnet motors are designed to ensure the highest energy efficiency at the lowest volume and weight. Application areas for Celeroton’s turbo compressors with gas bearings include air supply systems for fuel cells, as coolant compressors in heat pumps and air conditioning, and for compressing and circulating noble gases. 

Thanks to the technology fund, we now have access to financial resources to make our high-performance turbo compressors with gas bearings ready for series production. They offer one to twenty times lower weight and volume and a higher level of efficiency than the previous systems.

Martin Bartholet

ChromaCon AG

ChromaCon develops and sells laboratory and industrial equipment with innovative processes for purifying high quality materials using chromatography, primarily for the biopharmaceuticals industry. The patented processes are unique worldwide and allow the separation of impurities as part of a continuous process, attaining significantly higher yields while using far less column materials and buffer solutions.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund offers us firm backing for the development and commercialization of our technology through to process scale.

Michael Bavand

Cleveron AG

Cleveron SA is an innovative Swiss start-up that has developed an intelligent system for radiator heating. Its Swiss-made technology enables the optimal management of room temperature in public buildings, schools, hotels and offices – with individual control for each room. Artificial intelligence ensures that heating is only turned on where necessary, ensuring both cost and energy savings. 

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund has enabled us to accelerate our marketing and offer our customers a solution that reduces CO2 emissions and requires no up-front investment. This lets us make a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Pietro Gagliardi

Climatex AG

The Climatex brand stands for climatizing and recyclable textiles. They equalize temperatures, regulate moisture, and are extremely durable. Climatex textiles promote the health and well-being of the wearer. The textiles can be separated by type and are recyclable. Climatex is Cradle to Cradle certified.

We need a new round of financing to implement our IP strategy. We are pleased that the Technology Fund is supporting us in this respect.

Fredy Baumeler

coatmaster AG

coatmaster develops and sells contactless measurement system technology that measures and tests industrial coatings quickly and non-destructively. coatmaster technology is patented around the world and allows measurement of the thickness of coatings early on in the production process. This results in a reduction in material consumption, more consistent quality thanks to seamless documentation and increased productivity due to less waste.

Further development of the hand-held device for contactless measurement of coating thickness was capital-intensive and enabled in part by the Technology Fund.

Nils A. Reinke
Founder & Co-CEO

Cortexia AG

The Cortexia solution helps cities to improve the quality of life for their residents and become more environmentally friendly. Our artificial intelligence technology enables cities to measure the level of cleanliness in real time. This data ensures the optimum use of resources to provide unequaled standards of cleanliness and sustainability.

Support from the Technology Fund is key to ensuring that our teams at Cortexia can focus on continuous development of our solution, contributing to cleaner, more sustainable cities in a climate of market uncertainty and risk.

Andréas von Kaenel

Cyltronic AG

Cyltronic AG develops and distributes electric actuators used in machines that produce everyday goods like food, electronics and packaging. Using Cyltronic electric cylinders and linear axes instead of inefficient pneumatic cylinders reduces energy consumption.

Compressed air is not only the most expensive but also the least efficient energy source in the industry. Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we can expand more quickly throughout Europe and make machines more efficient by eliminating the need for compressed air.

Jeremias Wehrli

Designwerk Products AG

Designwerk Products designs and manufactures a range of products, including electric trucks, mobile fast charging devices and modular battery systems for electric vehicles. The eTrucks include some of the first fully electric refuse collection trucks on Swiss roads. With modular traction batteries, the company also helps small and medium-sized vehicle manufacturers to successfully start with or switch to electromobility.

In order to meet the large market demand for zero-emissions refuse trucks and other utility vehicles, with the help of the Technology Fund we are expanding series production with production facilities, infrastructure and personnel.

Adrian Melliger

dhp technology AG

dhp technology develops, produces and sells the world’s only patented folding solar roof. In contrast to roof-mounted and freestanding solar panels, the folding solar roof enables double use of industrial surfaces to produce solar power, thanks to its unique lightweight construction and folding mechanism. These surfaces cannot be developed using conventional fixed solar panels, thus creating a large market potential for the folding solar roof.

Thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund, we have been able to successfully develop our production facilities and enter the Swiss market. We are now planning to move beyond Switzerland’s borders into Germany and Austria. We’re working with partners in each market on long-term further development.

Gian Andri Diem
Geschäftsführender Partner

Digitalstrom AG

digitalSTROM is a leading and multiple award-winning smart home system for every property. All devices at home can be networked with one another or with the web via the power supply or the IP network, regardless of manufacturer. Alongside comfort and security, the focus is on energy efficiency.

digitalSTROM is well suited for both new and existing buildings, for detached houses and apartment blocks, and for large housing developments. The company, which is based in Zurich-Schlieren, markets its smart home system in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and various other countries in Europe and further afield.

We are delighted that the Technology Fund is financing and supporting digitalSTROM’s growth and development. With the planned launch of a new product line in the area of energy management, we will usefully expand our existing range and focus more closely on the needs of larger residential properties. This will help us to further accelerate our international growth and, together with leading real estate developers, make a significant contribution to increased sustainability in buildings.

Adrian Obrist

Eaternity AG

Eaternity’s software application is based on a comprehensive database that includes information on greenhouse gas emissions, allergens and nutritional information on ingredients and foodstuffs. The volume of greenhouse gas emitted as a result of the production and creation of restaurant and food producers is calculated and declared accordingly.

In order to make our product more widely available, we must take further steps towards automation and a shift to the cloud. The loan guarantee allows us to successfully pursue these goals.

Manuel Klarmann

eCarUp AG

eCarUp offers an integrated system (app and hardware) that allows easy rental of (semi)private electronic charging stations to third-party users. A low-cost retrofit set upgrades charging stations with intelligent metering technology. Charging points can be registered and managed in the free eCarUp app (iOS/Android). Owners can configure the conditions of use according to their individual needs (available times, price for parking fee/energy). Drivers of electric cars can locate available charging stations and activate them via the app.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund helps us to continue to develop our app and establish strategic sales partnerships.

Fabian Trinkler

ecocoach AG

We’re driven by a fascination with innovative technology and the pursuit of energy self-sufficiency. Ecocoach produces energy and load management systems and energy storage systems for buildings and vehicles, which make the use of renewable energy more efficient. We also contribute to the energy independence of people, their communities and companies. 

The support provided by the Technology Fund will allow us to more rapidly expand our development and production capacities. This means we can more quickly launch the next generation of our products and meet the rapidly increasing demand. At the same time, we view the Technology Fund’s support as a seal of quality for our company.

Pirmin Reichmuth

Ecorobotix SA

Ecorobotix was founded to radically change agriculture for the better by respecting the environment and reducing chemical use, soil impact, water use, and energy use. Ecorobotix provides a revolutionary plant-by-plant data solution and ultra-high precision crop treatment that reduces chemical use (herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers), while increasing crop yields and massively reducing the CO2 footprint of traditional agriculture.

The Technologie fund guarantee will help Ecorobotix accelerate development of our ultra-high precision agricultural data and crop treatment solution - we will be able to expand manufacturing more rapidly and accelerate our geographic expansion.

Simon Aspinall

Ecospeed AG

ECOSPEED develops web-based software solutions for energy and climate auditing for local authorities (countries, regions, cities, municipalities), companies and private individuals. ECOSPEED combines environmental, scientific and energy knowledge and experience with modern information technology.

To implement our GIS platform and the new associated services, we rely on the capital secured by the Technology Fund’s loan guarantee.

Christoph Hartmann

EGO Movement

EGO Movement’s mission is the e-volution of mobility. From stylish e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-scooters through to smart connectivity using the company’s own software platform – as a Swiss technology company for premium e-mobility solutions, EGO Movement ensures more individual freedom, contributes towards greater sustainability and, above all, offers a great travel experience for everyone.

Thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund, we were able to further expand our software platform and develop more new stylish mobility products that offer an appealing alternative to fossil fuel-driven vehicles.

Daniel Meyer
CEO & Co-Founder

ElectricFeel AG

Shared mobility systems are an attractive way for cities to make transportation more space and resource-efficient. For users, these systems represent a flexible and cost-effective way to get from A to B without the expense of owning and running a car. ElectricFeel offers system operators a form of optimization software that uses intelligent, self-learning algorithms to predict demand and availability, thus dramatically increasing efficiency in logistics and system availability.

The Technology Fund helps us to scale our business model in the European market for bike and e-mobility sharing. This includes the expansion of our sales unit, integration of client systems into our platform and the implementation of a customer support structure.

Moritz Meenen

emost AG

emost AG is a company specializing in the development and sale of mobile battery storage systems with the aim of shaping the future of decentralized energy supply and making diesel generators superfluous. emost AG was created as a result of a management buy-out from Axpo, which developed the underlying technology over several years.

We are delighted that our commitment to economically and environmentally viable alternatives for diesel generators is appreciated. With the support of the Technology Fund, we will be able to accelerate our scaling alongside our research and development and expand our Europe-wide distribution network for mobile energy storage systems for the construction, event and film industries.

Benedikt Domke

enerlytica (ex BEN Energy AG)

Enerlytica (BEN Energy SA) combines insights from behavioral economics with the latest predictive analytics methods to provide utility companies with the necessary tools to become service providers. With software from Enerlytica, utility companies can achieve their regulatory energy goals and gain a better understanding of their end customers. Furthermore, the software motivates the end consumer to become actively engaged and to reduce their energy consumption.

The loan guarantee helps us to promote the sales and implementation of our cloud software on the European energy market. Our conclusive results show that we can achieve an average household energy saving and at the same time measurably increase customer satisfaction.

Jan Marckhoff

enersis suisse AG

enersis is a climate tech company that is helping cities, regions and the energy sector to become emission-free. With its “gaia” software, the company is able to visualize highly complex climate-related data and thereby support all the relevant stakeholders with more effectively planning and communicating their climate measures.      

Our capital requirement, which is ensured by a guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, is aimed at the development and expansion of the software business in all value-added areas. Priority is given to expansion of the sales and development teams, and the technical infrastructure (SAP HANA environment) for predictive analytics in mass operations.

Thomas Koller
Founder & CEO

ennos ag

ennos develops, produces and markets a highly efficient solar-powered water pump for use in agricultural irrigation systems and drinking water supply systems in the developing world. The focus is on the cost-optimized use of a sustainable, CO2-free technology to improve the income and living conditions of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid, and a more economical and productive use of the resources of energy and water.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund makes a valuable contribution to our efforts to expand our production and sales capacity in the coming years.

Karin Jeanneret Vezzini

Equippo AG

Equippo is a technology-focused full-service marketplace for used construction equipment. Our innovative product enables construction companies around the world to buy and sell online without additional transportation, intermediaries or machinery. Thanks to a cascade effect, more environmentally friendly construction equipment is used and carbon emissions reduced.

The support of the Technology Fund has enabled us to develop our new software product in the area of IoT fleet management. This lets construction firms view residual values and emissions, and react in the best way. Further developing our technology will also help us to scale and to increase the speed of our growth.

Michael Rohmeder
CEO & Founder

eSMART Technologies SA

eSMART is a comprehensive solution for intelligent management of residential buildings. The system is made up of innovative electronic modules that communicate with each other via the power grid and can be installed without tearing down walls. eSMART increases safety and comfort in residential buildings and help residents reduce their heating and energy costs through energy monitoring.

We are currently working to further develop our product and intensify our marketing activities. Moreover, we also need resources in order to protect our intellectual property. Support from the Technology Fund gives us the necessary backing during this phase.

Fabrizio Lo Conte

Eturnity AG

Eturnity is an innovative company that focuses on digitalization in the field of renewable energy. Our efficient and customer-friendly solutions enable energy providers, installers, building technicians and planners to achieve significant time savings in their sales and advisory processes. The platform covers the following process stages: lead generation, dimensioning, simulation (physical, economic), and fast and customer-focused on-site consulting including quote generation with a choice of designs and in the customer’s CI. In addition, the Eturnity platform can be seamlessly integrated into upstream (e.g. CRM) or downstream (e.g. ERP, accounting) systems. 

Since the end of 2019, it has been possible to integrate thermal models into the Eturnity platform. This provides us with access to the heating system installation market. We need capital to further develop and expand the Eturnity platform. In this case, that capital is secured by a guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund.

Matthias Wiget

EVUlution AG

The Swiss startup EVUlution AG is committed to a more sustainable and efficient energy future with its certified product portfolio. The company provides comprehensive digital solutions for energy supply companies and infrastructure operators, ranging from smart metering to customer portal applications through to system management for businesses, municipalities and facility operators.

With innovative products and services, we want to offer future-oriented solutions and thus enable our customers to handle the complex requirements of energy supply. The support from the Technology Fund allows us to develop our products further and expand our operations.

Philipp Elkuch
Chairman Board of Directors

Exnaton AG

The ETH spin-off Exnaton is developing a billing platform for utility companies. The software enables energy suppliers to implement energy communities and participation models for renewable energy plants. This makes it easier for households to save energy and CO2, and encourages investments in renewable energy sources. 

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is a crucial element of our growth financing for the next several years in Switzerland and the EU. The energy market is under immense pressure, and we want to play an active role in promoting and facilitating the switch to sustainable, decentralized energy production – especially at this time.

Anselma Wörner
Co-founder & COO

Explosion Power GmbH

Explosion Power develops, produces, markets and maintains shock pulse generators (SPG). The cleaning process with SPG systems represents a significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency compared with the standard baseline procedure with soot blowers.

We want to penetrate the industrial boiler system market with our new, stronger SPG twin system. We need available financial resources to advance our production and sales.

Paul Müller

Fagus Suisse SA

Fagus Suisse specializes in beech processing and is known for its innovations in the timber construction industry. Thanks to its strength, beech (“Fagus” in Latin) is ideally suited for use in load-bearing structures. It is as strong as steel and concrete and therefore shows great promise as a building material of the future. Fagus Suisse produces elements for construction and semi-finished components, as well as laminated wood panels for furniture manufacture and interior fittings. A state-of-the-art production center currently being built in canton Jura will allow the company to produce and process beechwood more efficiently.

Development of production facilities and infrastructure is cost-intensive. We also require financial resources for R&D and market development in the first three years. It is thanks in part to the Technology Fund that we are able to pursue this project and make use of the growing amount of hardwood in Swiss forests as a result of climate change.

Stefan Vögtli
Leiter Marketing und Verkauf

Fairtiq AG

FAIRTIQ is an innovative, hardware-free check-in/check-out solution for public transport tickets. The system uses smartphone location data to reconstruct the journey traveled and determine the best price. FAIRTIQ’s simplicity promotes the shift toward public transport, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

The support of the Technology Fund will help us to further develop our check-in/check-out solution and expand it to new regions, especially in the Nordic countries.

Anne Mellano

Farmy AG is an online marketplace for transparent grocery shopping directly from the producer. Farmy offers hand-picked products from authentic producers. With the click of a mouse and thanks to an innovative logistics concept, users receive their purchases delivered straight to their homes fresher than from major supermarket chains and thus reduce food waste in the value chain.

Thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we have been able to partially automate our processes and open and operate a second logistics center in the French-speaking region of Switzerland.

Tobias Schubert
Gründer & CEO


FGen develops microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) for various biotech applications, such as for the production of chemicals and enzymes. The use of such biological systems, which are increasingly being used in place of fossil fuels, conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

The support provided by the Technology Fund is allowing us to expand our global contract research activities, as well as enabling us to start developing our own biotech products, with which we aim to offer sustainable solutions for various markets.

Andreas Meyer
CEO & Co-Founder

FluidSolids AG

FluidSolids develops and markets a biodegradable composite material that can be used as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics in a number of applications. FluidSolids® components are made of industrial waste from the processing of renewable raw materials, and thus does not compete with agricultural land use. The highly adaptable material can be processed using conventional industrial mass production processes.

We want to invest in the development of machines and protect our innovations with patents in order to market FluidSolids granulate on a larger scale. The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund provides important support for these plans and allows us to implement them more rapidly.

Beat Karrer

Flux Mobility AG

Flux Mobility AG develops high-quality e-transporters that help to reduce carbon emissions. The vehicles are based on a flexible platform concept and provide a direct alternative to diesel vehicles. With a range of up to 350 km and a comparable payload and speed, they offer a sustainable solution for customers in various sectors, particularly urban operations such as police forces and emergency services.

The high demand for our e-transporters confirms the relevance of our products in the market. With the backing of the Technology Fund, we are pushing ahead with series development for the international market and are also working on an all-wheel-drive system and increasing the range even further.

Duga Hoti

Flyability SA

Flyability is a Swiss company building solutions for the inspection and exploration of indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. By allowing drones to be used safely inside buildings, it enables industrial companies and inspection professionals to reduce downtime, inspection costs, and risks to workers. With hundreds of customers in over 50 countries in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Maritime, Infrastructures & Utilities, and Public Safety, Flyability has pioneered and continues to lead the innovation in the commercial indoor drone space.

Steady and above all rapid improvements are essential for surviving in the drone market. Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we can efficiently advance the development and marketing of further generations of collision-tolerant drones (for indoor inspections).

Patrick Thévoz
CEO & Co-Founder

Flybotix SA

Based near Lausanne in Switzerland, Flybotix is a fast-growing company focused on drone technologies for confined space inspections. The company introduced ASIO Pro solution, with market leading performance, empowering clients to perform streamlined & safe inspections. The company serves several industries worldwide including: Hydropower plants, Energy, Maritime and Chemical plants; Helping in protecting our environment and the humans from pollution and accidents.

The Swiss drone industry owes its emergence to the vision and backing of the country's institutions and people. The precious support of Technology Fund to Flybotix will boost growing sales and marketing effort, and help materialize a stronger positive impact on the market and the environment.

Samir Bouabdahllah


Freesuns designs, manufactures and installs beautiful and powerful solar roof tiles for use in residential, commercial and heritage properties. Our tiles cover complex roof surfaces with solar cellls generating clean power while preserving the appearance of traditional roofs. Freesuns tiles are ideally suited for historic or architecturally significant buildings. 

The support from the Technology Fund is enabling Freesuns to develop our innovative solar tile solutions for important buildings. This enables these buildings to generate solar power and reduce their CO2 emissions without compromising their architectural integrity.

John Morello

Gamaya AG

Gamaya is improving efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by remote sensing and AI. Actionable insights empower growers to act on time and maximize yields, without excessive use of machinery, chemicals or fertilizers, reducing the environmental impact of crop production.

The support from Technology Fund is instrumental to continue developing and bringing digital agriculture products to our core markets, including in Brazil. It allowed us to bring sugarcane drone and satellite-based products faster to the market via a complete product offering, and establish the first customer base.

Igor Ivanov

geoimpact AG

geoimpact develops and markets Swiss Energy Planning (SEP), a Switzerland-wide online platform for energy planning. SEP greatly reduces the data acquisition required for energy planning. The provision of current data nationwide from a variety of sources makes it possible to quickly and easily explore synergies and tap existing potential at the building and neighborhood level.

With SEP, we offer a collaborative platform to help private individuals, companies and public authorities make their way towards the 2000-watt society. With support from the Technology Fund, we can now further develop and market SEP as a tool for the democratization and automation of energy planning in Switzerland.

Leo Sasso-Clopath
Co-Founder & CEO

greenTEG AG

greenTEG has sold its U-value kits with increasing revenues since 2014. The product is used to measure heat transfer coefficients, or U-values, in buildings, thus allowing, for example, more efficient renovations.

Despite the success of the U-value kit, our customers want more innovations, such as multi-node and wireless solutions, which would allow them to measure the energy in buildings much faster. Thanks to funding from the Technology Fund, we can finance not only the market development and launch of our products, but also the series production of the U-value kit 2.0.

Wulf Glatz

HeiQ Materials AG

HeiQ produces textile-chemical effects that lend functionality to textile surfaces. Its range of Clean Tech products also includes the Dyefast technology, which makes the dyeing process of polyester textile fibers faster and more uniform, and reduces the energy and water required, thus making the entire process more cost-effective. 

The guaranteed loan provides us with essential backing during the roll-out phase of Dyefast and in our efforts to significantly reduce the ecological impact, resource consumption and operating costs in the polyester dying industry.

Carlo Centonze

Helio SA

Helio AG is a cloud infrastructure company. The platform dramatically lowers the costs and CO2 emissions associated with cloud computing and makes it possible to complete major rendering projects with only a few clicks. The environmental benefit results from migration to the cloud, the use of residual capacities and carbon-aware scheduling.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund has helped us to expand operations and dramatically increase the number of customers we serve. It has also allowed us to obtain further venture capital, which would not have been possible without the Technology Fund.

Kevin Häfeli

Hydromea SA

Hydromea is building a tightly integrated autonomous & resident robotics and communication platform for data collection, asset monitoring and analysis that will offer an affordable and on-time data access to the multitude of sensors and structures underwater in the offshore energy sector, driving CO2 reductions by replacing the solutions involving heavily polluting supply ships.

The Technology Fund loan guarantee will further strengthen Hydromea's ability to scale up its technology in the offshore energy sector in the area where it matters most: helping the industry achieve net-zero targets that they pledge to achieve as soon as 2025.

Igor Martin

I&W Engineering AG

Since 2015, I&W Engineering AG has specialized in the development and manufacture of electric travel drives and intelligent robotics for agriculture, landscaping, mining and precision agriculture. Their innovative solutions help them to greatly cut down on CO2 emissions. 

Thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, I&W Engineering AG is now planning to grow further. It will help us to increase production capacity, boost productivity, and consolidate our market presence to meet the rising global demand for our patented axle drive solutions in the off-highway vehicle market and robotics.

Daniel Stüber

Impaakt SA

Impaakt is a fintech company that uses collective intelligence and AI to measure the real impact companies have on the environment and society. Our community of 50,000 contributors documents (as of 2023) and assesses the positive and negative impacts these companies have. Through our unbiased approach, the platform is designed to help investors and citizens avoid greenwashing and ensure better decisions are made for a more sustainable future.

Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, Impaakt will be able to further drive development and continue assessing and measuring the social and environmental impact of listed companies. This partnership will help us provide crucial guidance to investors ensuring that they only invest in companies that actively contribute to improving our world.

Bertrand Gacon
Co-Founder & CEO

iNovitas AG

iNovitas offers a platform with digital roads and rails, which both provides and enables the use of intelligent applications and apps to solve infrastructure-related tasks. This service helps customers such as infrastructure operators to achieve greater efficiency and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.


The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is enabling iNovitas to continue driving forward the digital transformation in road and rail infrastructure management. The new innovative service enables new sustainable processes, thereby offering huge added value for public bodies, companies and residents.

Hannes Eugster

InSphero AG

InSphero is currently the gold standard for lab tests of novel drugs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Its robust 3D InSight™ technology is used worldwide to increase efficiency and conserve energy in drug research and safety testing in the lab. InSphero is continuing to develop this technology so that the effect of novel substances on patients can be better predicted and animal testing can be avoided.

InSphero’s technology allows particular kinds of animal testing to be replaced by energy-efficient lab tests. This reduces the CO2 output of animal testing labs, which require a lot of energy for climate control. The loan guarantee has enabled us to launch a new generation of our organ-on-a-chip technology as an additional alternative to animal testing.

Jan Lichtenberg
CEO & Co-Founder

Interprefy AG

With its cloud-based software platform, Interprefy offers simultaneous interpreting solutions for conferences and similar events. The user’s smartphone acts as a receiver and the interpreters work remotely; for example, from their own offices or home. The solution eliminates the need for interpreters to travel and the need for complex equipment, making it environmentally friendly and affordable. The platform also allows conference participants and/or speakers to participate remotely, which in turn eliminates the CO2 emissions caused by flying.

Thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we are receiving the financial resources we need to further develop Interprefy’s platform and accelerate our expansion into the Asian market.

Kim Ludvigsen
Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board

Inventsys (Schweiz) AG

Critical infrastructure requires particular care when it comes to maintenance. Inventsys provides a user-friendly cloud platform and an intuitive mobile app for utility companies in the areas of water, electricity, gas and other public infrastructure. This platform allows clients to increase efficiency, improve data quality and security, and seamlessly document their maintenance work.

A reduction in travel of up to 50%, which reduces CO2 emissions, significantly fewer paper lists and printed plans, and last but not least an extension of the service life of systems all have a positive impact on the ecological footprint. The Technology Fund is helping us to finance the demand-based growth of our company.

Martin Morawetz

Inyova AG

Yova is the leading digital platform for financial investments with a sustainable impact. With our highly professional portfolios optimized for both revenue and risk, Yova clients deliberately invest in companies that solve global social and environmental challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Thanks to the support provided by the Technology Fund, we are able to further develop our methods to measure and optimize impact in financial investments, and help even more people to promote investments in clean energy and equal rights without fueling climate change.

Tillmann Lang
CEO & Co-Founder


Founded in 1993 under the name LK Luftqualität AG, ionair is a leader in the development, production and distribution of innovative and energy-saving germ reduction and odor neutralization systems. Its indoor air ionization products and services ensure odorless, hygienic and comfortable indoor air.

The financing from the Technology Fund is helping ionair with the development and industrialization of the next generation of bipolar ionization systems (air quality systems) for supply air. These help to improve indoor air quality and hygiene in indoor spaces, and have been proven to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Technology Fund support will also help us to rapidly expand the market in Germany.

Beda Weibel
Inhaber und CEO

IS SaveEnergy AG

IS SaveEnergy’s technology improves the environmental balance of wood-fired heating plants. A patented process for recovery of heat from exhaust gas significantly increases the energy yield with the same use of resources. It also reduces the use of fossil fuels at peak load times, which together with the highly efficient electrical precipitator for exhaust gas purification, considerably lowers the CO2 emissions of these combined heat and power plants.

The continuation of our strategy in terms of international growth, further development of our products and consolidation of our company products require a great deal of capital and is made possible only by the financial security offered to us by the Technology Fund.

Roger Stahel

Jet Clean Systems AG

Jet Clean Systems provides products and services in the areas of surface processing, industrial cleaning and technical materials cutting based on Fluidjet technology. SURFAST® technology reduces environmental impact, cuts costs, saves time and achieves a higher level of quality. The combination of top quality abrasives with the appropriate fluid enables high quality processing of components.

Reduced material and energy consumption, less noise pollution: SURFAST® is an innovative technology for surface processing that we are able to further develop and market thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund.

Philipp Roth

Joulia SA

Joulia develops, produces and markets an innovative heat recovery module for showers, called Joulia-inline. The product is offered as a slim channel that is integrated in the shower floor and which recovers energy from the draining shower water in order to heat the inflowing cold water.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is driving the commercialization and industrialization of our product significantly. Furthermore, we also want to invest in customer training and sales promotion.

Reto Schmid

Juice Technology AG

Juice Technology AG is the world’s leading producer of mobile 22 kW charging stations. The comprehensive portfolio of this Swiss company, which is based in Cham, also includes intelligent charging and load management systems, charging towers, wall boxes and DC charging stations. Juice Technology was founded in 2014 and took less than a year to establish itself as the global market leader in this segment with the JUICE BOOSTER 1. As an established player in the industry and a key producer of charging infrastructure, the company has already launched numerous innovations such as temperature sensors integrated into the connector, credit card payment systems, and the infinitely scalable load management system smartJUICE. The company currently employs 74 people worldwide in the areas of development, production, marketing, sales and logistics.

The e-mobility sector is developing incredibly quickly, and our company must be able to act just as fast. Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we are able to innovatively push forward with the development of our charging solutions, to ensure we continue to stay one step ahead in the market.

Christoph Erni
Founder & CEO


KASAG Swiss AG operates in the areas of process engineering, design, engineering and the production of plants and equipment for industrial enterprises. The renewable energies business area implements concepts and projects for special heat exchangers to recover energy. The hydrothermal high-pressure gasification HTV procedure that recovers energy and nutrients from aqueous biomass, waste material and their disposal represents a new product area at KASAG Swiss AG.

KASAG invests in products, markets and, with its growing workforce, in the infrastructure for the sustainable development of the company. This requires additional capital, which is made available through the support of the Technology Fund.

Beat Stucki


KeeValue uses artificial intelligence and real-world data to develop cloud-based tools that provide a prompt and accurate calculation of construction costs and life cycle assessments of planned construction projects, thus enabling relevant CO2 savings.

Expanding and strengthening our sales structure and diversifying our product range require additional capital, which we can easily raise thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund.

Stefan Cadosch


With the KEMARO 900, KEMARO AG has brought the world’s first dry cleaning robot for industrial use to market. The fully autonomous robot cleans floors thoroughly – without the use of chemicals or water. The integrated dust vacuum system significantly reduces dust, helping to protect employees. The KEMARO 900’s compact, patented design also saves energy while cleaning.

Thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we have been able to acquire the necessary growth capital for expansion into the EU. This will enable us to ramp up the production of our K900 cleaning robot and drive forward our market expansion with strategic partners. The Technology Fund is a great support, thank you!

Armin Koller

Kitro AG

KITRO is harnessing the power of technology to automate the process of food waste data collection and analysis. Reducing food waste by up to 60%, saving costs and optimizing processes. KITRO provides commercial kitchens with an intuitive solution to drive change and amplify the sustainable impact. The mission is to bring back the value of food, so it is appreciated and not wasted.

The guarantee of the Technology fund has altered the trajectory of KITRO as it provides us with the resources needed to scale and accelerate our sustainable impact. To have support granted in acknowledgement of our impact goal of reducing food waste and investing in the future of our planet is very inspiring.

Anastasia Hoffmann & Naomi MacKenzie
CEO & Co-Founder


“Light Efficient Systems” offers versatile lighting solutions that are focused on the customer needs to develop safe, bright and innovative products. The unique nano-active fiber technology developed by L.E.S.S. has proven itself as a disrupting alternative to the LED technology setting a new standard of lighting quality. It generates high quality light that exhibits both ultra-uniformity and brightness characteristics, surpassing today's quality standards. The thinness, the flexibility, and the three-dimensional lighting nature of L.E.S.S. laser wire technology allows for the creation of unprecedented low weight and power efficient lighting solutions.

The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund supports L.E.S.S. in its rapid growth needed to sustain the strong demand for thinner, brighter, lighter and more efficient automotive lighting products. The loan will contribute to the investment into production facilities and automated assembly lines that enable to reach the high volume demanded by our customers from the automotive industry.

Yann Tissot
CEO & Co-Founder


More than 40% of energy costs in commercial buildings are generated by lighting. LEDCity continuously develops new, innovative lighting technology in order to significantly reduce energy consumption in the lighting sector. LEDCity has developed autonomous LED tubes for this purpose, designed as a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes. These autonomous LED tubes decide themselves how much light is needed at different times. This reduces energy consumption by 90% on average.

We need the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund for expansion abroad and for the further development of autonomous LED lighting.

Patrik Kuster

Libattion AG

Libattion AG produces more sustainable lithium batteries to improve the circular economy of used lithium batteries from vehicles. The new battery enables around 160 kg of CO2 to be avoided. The modular e-Bricks can be used, for example, to operate light electric vehicles or for energy storage systems. The Cloud Battery Platform offers customers precise data on this.

Clean energy storage is a key element when it comes to preventing climate change. Thanks to the financial support of the Technology Fund, we can use automation to increase our series production and drive forward our scaling goals.

Stefan Bahamonde

Lightly AG

ETH spin-off Lightly develops a software for filtering AI data. This solution enables companies to focus on the “relevant” data and spend far less energy on data storage and training the AI models. As a result, CO2 emissions can be massively reduced.   

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund guarantee plays a crucial role in financing our growth and development. Each year, the IT sector makes significant contributions to energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Artificial intelligence, often referred to as the new ‘big data’, is at the heart of this. This funding will enable us to accelerate AI companies to use energy resources responsibly and efficiently.

Matthias Heller

Locatee AG

Locatee is the leading workplace analytics solution that transforms complex data into insights about office space utilization and reveals potential for energy conservation. To do so, Locatee collects office utilization data through the in-house IT infrastructure, processes it using its unique, patented technology, and presents it visually and concisely. And it’s all anonymous and available at the click of a button.

We’re delighted with the support that the Swiss Technology Fund is providing to Locatee. The guaranteed loan allows us to further develop our workplace analytics software for companies and help our clients to optimize their use of space and their air conditioning, cleaning and equipment, thereby conserving resources.

Thomas Kessler

Lynus AG

Lynus AG is a Swiss technology company specializing in open-API software development for renewable energy systems. With the help of machine-learning algorithms, the energy systems are continuously optimized and adapted to user behavior. This results in lower carbon emissions, as well as lower energy generation costs.

Because Lynus is growing so quickly, considerable liquidity is needed to finance client projects, as essential items like battery systems, panels and charging stations have to be purchased. Without the support of the Technology Fund, we would not be able to scale and internationalize the business model to the desired level.

Paul Hauser

MaxWell Biosystems AG

MaxWell Biosystems AG, an ETH Zurich spin-off, has been developing and marketing imaging systems for basic research into active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry and for neuroscience since 2016. These systems allow researchers to reduce energy-intensive animal testing, and in some cases to replace it with humane disease modeling based on induced pluripotent stem cells.

The loan guarantee is helping to speed up the development and launch of the next generation of MaxWell Biosystems systems. These will enable a significantly higher experiment throughput, accelerating the development of active substances while also reducing energy-intensive animal testing.

Urs Frey

MeduSoil AG

At MeduSoil SA, we are at the forefront of driving sustainable construction through innovative and eco-friendly binder products based on biomineralization. Our mission is clear: to assist construction development projects in getting closer to net-zero carbon emissions while maintaining uncompromised structural integrity. With our unique approach, we have achieved remarkable results, significantly reducing CO2eq emissions compared to the use of cement-based or petroleum-derived binders, promoting waste reduction, and supporting the principles of sustainable construction.

As our products gain traction in the construction materials market, our next milestone is the direct valorization of CO2 and construction waste. The Technology Fund's support will help our team accelerate the market growth of MeduSoil's BioMinerals™ and establish the company as a reference provider of next-generation binder products.

Dimitrios Terzis
CEO & Co-Founder

Meteomatics AG

Meteomatics specializes in the very specific IT requirements of the weather, energy and trading sectors. Meteodrone, the in-house, patented weather drone, is a crucial tool in enabling accurate 24-hour forecasts. The Meteodrone collects data from ground level up to about 3 km above ground. This means that for the first time it is possible to directly record precise information on the temperature, humidity and wind in the lower atmosphere.

The Technology Fund helps us by financing the accelerated roll-out of our Meteodrone network and the associated improvement of weather forecasting. This is indispensable for a wide range of sectors, such as the energy market, agricultural and water management, and transport and logistics.

Martin Fengler

milKit Sport Components AG

Sport Components AG develops, produces and sells solutions and products to simplify the installation and use of tubeless bike wheels. The quick, easy-to-use milKit technology is positioned in a growth market, offering ever more people an environmentally friendly alternative to resource-intensive rubber inner tubes.

Using resources efficiently when it comes to bike products is very important to us. The support provided by the Technology Fund will help us to launch and professionalize the urgently required media activities and marketing for our products.

Pius Kobler
CEO & Founder

MIRO Analytical Technologies GmbH

MIRO Analytical is a young, high-tech Swiss company that manufactures innovative gas analyzers to measure greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Public authorities, companies and research institutes can use our measuring devices to collect vital data that will help them combat air pollution and climate change.

We are very happy with the support provided by the Technology Fund. It has given us the capital we need to improve our products and further scale our production and sales organization.

Morten Hundt
Founder & CEO

Misurio AG

Misurio SA develops software solutions for the optimization of operational planning in energy supply companies (ESCs). The core element is the optimization algorithm developed in-house for optimal operational planning, purchase of compensation energy and the construction of regulators for power plants, energy storage and flexible loads.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund helps us in our efforts to develop various markets and drive customer acquisition. In addition, it also allows us to pre-finance software customization tailored to customer needs.

Dr. Karl Werlen
Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats

Mobile Power AG

mobileup is an online platform for refurbished electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. Our mission is to make refurbished devices the new normal. Sustainability isn’t more expensive with us – it’s cheaper. A win-win for our customers and the planet.

We avoid electronic waste and CO2 with each refurbished device sold. Thanks to the guarantee from the Technology Fund, we can enhance our algorithm to match supply and demand and have a greater impact.

Beat Hafner

MPower Ventures AG

MPower Ventures is a Zurich-based impact start-up addressing the pressing challenges of financial inclusion and energy access in emerging markets. The company follows a scalable B2B approach and partners with local entrepreneurs to finance and distribute clean energy products to households and SMEs in emerging markets.

MPower combines finance and technology and uses its software and data platform to gain access to end-customer data, in turn improving after-sales, developing credit rating schemes, enabling financing activities and leveraging cross-selling opportunities. Their solution not only improves energy access and replace fossil fuel-based products, but also improve communities’ socioeconomical status.

Following our successful entry into Zambia and Cameroon, the guarantee from the Technology Fund allows us to strengthen our product portfolio, scale-up our activities and expand into other markets. It will enable us to focus on key aspects of our business such as on our software and data solution and forging new partnerships.

Manuel Seiffe

namuk Holding AG

namuk is Switzerland’s first outdoor clothing brand exclusively for kids. Using high-quality, durable and sustainable materials, the Swiss company creates technical and functional children’s clothes that are made to last. More than 70 percent of the collection contains recycled materials. With a focus on durability, style and innovation, namuk has been developing clothing that is proven to last longer than conventional products since 2016. 

Thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we can concentrate on doing what we do best: developing durable and sustainable clothing for children that lets them have fun outdoors, no matter how wet or cold. The long life of our products also makes a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Franz Bittmann
Founder & CEO

Nanolive SA

Nanolive has developed a proprietary technology that enables for the first time examination of a living cell in 3D without damage to it. This is a major milestone in the history of microscopy. Nanolive’s product is also more energy-efficient and requires fewer resources than conventional microscopes.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund helps us to finance our intensified sales efforts and the technical development of the 3D Cell Explorer.

Yann Cotte

Nanosurf AG

Nanosurf, founded in 1997 in Liestal, Switzerland, specializes in atomic force microscopes. The innovative products are used, inter alia, for quality control of complex production processes, and help to reduce rejection rates and thus conserve resources.

Nanosurf is developing three new, highly innovative products aimed at accelerating the company’s growth. The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund ensures adequate funding of our development projects, including industrialization and global marketing.

Urs Matter

Nencki AG

Nencki is a Swiss family-owned business with a long history and is primarily active in the areas of railway technology and plant construction. The company specializes in the production of machinery, plants, hydraulic systems and the relevant controls.

Thanks to the Technology Fund, we can drive forward our engineering projects to optimize railway facilities, internationalize our sales activities and develop service and maintenance cells.

Seppi Käppeli

Neo Medical AG

Neo delivers systems that make sustainable and effective personalized spine care available to patients around the world. Supporting surgeons with innovative and disruptive technologies, we elevate clinical outcomes at lower costs, all while reducing surgeries’ ecological impact.

Personalized care and improved results for every patient at lower financial and environmental cost – that’s been our aim from the start and we’re delighted to continue our work, supported by the Technology Fund.

Vincent Lefauconnier
co-founder and co-CEO

Neustark AG

neustark offers a solution for permanently and safely removing CO2 from the air: using patented technology, the CO2 is stored in recycled concrete blocks. neustark’s solution is the world’s first carbon removal technique to use a Gold Standard-accredited methodology. The company aims to remove one million metric tons of CO2 from the air annually by 2030.

After establishing ourselves and our solution in the Swiss market, we’re now starting to go global. The first step is the European roll-out, and the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is supporting us with this.

Valentin Gutknecht
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Nexxiot AG

Nexxiot allows clients to reduce costs and increase revenues by improving supply chain transparency for customers and partners along the entire intermodal chain – after all, global trade is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Nexxiot’s ultra-low power approach combined with energy harvesting has eliminated the barrier between device performance and sustainability. Nexxiot’s service model includes smart sensors, connectivity, user interfaces and cloud solutions with integrated business intelligence. This approach eliminates the need for up-front investment and costly integration for a maximum ROI.

We are currently expanding our team in Europe and are about to make a strategically significant expansion into the US. The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund plays a decisive role in this.

Philipp Spoegler

Nispera AG

Nispera develops big data analytics solutions for systems that allow the use of renewable energies with a proprietary SCADA-based software. Nispera provides its growing customer base in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa with tailored solutions and innovative management information tools for optimized energy generation and consumption forecasting.

We currently have customers in a number of countries and want to continue to drive our market expansion. Thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund, we can now take the next step on our growth path and tap into new markets.

Gianmarco Pizza

Novaccess SA

Novaccess offers an intelligent outdoor lighting solution that reduces electricity consumption by 40% to 80%. Novaccess also provides other Smart City applications and participates in international Smart City alliances developing scalable interoperable solutions compatible with the needs of future green cities.

The financial support of the Technology Fund is instrumental to the commercial expansion of Novaccess in Switzerland, Europe and in the Middle-East. We thank the Technology Fund for their timely and efficient support which enables us to develop our logistic and sales teams.

Herve Dedieu

OceanSafe AG

The technology company OceanSafe develops synthetic alternatives to conventional textile materials such as polyester. These materials are biodegradable, recyclable, do not emit persistent microplastics and do not contain toxic substances. The emission of CO2 and the consumption of water will be massively reduced compared to conventional production.

The technology fund opens up new and important avenues for OceanSafe to perfect, develop and scale our technology globally. This will allow us to further advance our vision of a circular economy, addressing fundamental problems of the textile industry step by step.

Manuel Schweizer
Founder & CEO

Omnisens SA

Omnisens develops, produces and implements systems for condition monitoring of extensive infrastructure systems, such as oil and gas pipelines, power cables, subsea umbilical cables, flowlines and risers. Its products are based on a fiber-optic process that can measure vibrations and voltage and temperature changes very sensitively and in real time. With the help of data analysis systems, measurements can be connected to events such as tectonic shifts, damage or overloads.

A modular, scalable software architecture is essential for the success of our product. However, this requires capital. Thanks to the financial support from the Technology Fund, we are now able to expand our software architecture and integrate additional data analysis algorithms to make our product even more user-friendly.

Andrei Bals
Director & Co-Founder

onCyt Microbiology AG

onCyt Microbiology AG is an Eawag spin-off that specializes in the fully automated monitoring of microbial water quality for a wide range of industrial processes. Its measuring devices enable customers to monitor the microbiology of their drinking, cooling and process water infrastructure in real time. This leads to cost savings and a reduction in the use of both natural resources and environmentally harmful substances such as biocides.

With the support of the Technology Fund, we can work on better orienting our sales organization toward industries with the greatest customer benefits and on developing our technology platform further. We are very happy that our contributions toward more sustainable production in industry and toward a circular economy in the long term have been recognized. This provides additional motivation for us.

Michael Besmer

OrbiWise SA

OrbiWise develops and markets a complete LPWAN wireless communication system for efficient IoT communication. The network management software allows a number of energy-efficient and resource-saving applications, including in the areas of smart city and smart agriculture. The software enables connection of sensors and actuators across large distances with the help of an LPWA network based on the LoRa™ standard.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is instrumental in the further development of our series production, and also in expansion on both the Swiss and global markets.

Domenico Arpaia

Osterwalder AG

Osterwalder is a Swiss company with more than 100 years of tradition in the construction of powder presses. With its comprehensive range of products, Osterwalder offers system solutions for pressing iron, ceramic and hard metal powders, along with other materials, in order to create precision parts and highly complex structural components.

We have decided to further develop our press platform, which is already established in the market. This further development relies heavily on a new, more efficient drive concept (electric drive vs. conventional hydraulic drive). The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund provides crucial support in these efforts.

Nadja Leuthe

Oxygen at Work AG

Oxygen at Work combines natural plants with modern technology to improve the air quality in offices. This not only leads to healthier and more productive employees, but can also provide a significant reduction in energy consumption in office buildings. The combination of sensors, big data and the effects of the plants enable significant volumes of energy and CO2 emissions to be saved by optimizing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

We have encountered huge demand both in Switzerland and abroad that needs to be met. The Technology Fund enables us to drive our expansion forward, while also continuing to optimize our product in order to fully exploit its energy saving potential.

Manuel Winter

Pallon AG

Pallon develops smart software to automatically report defects in sewer inspection videos and consult cities when to fix them. With more accurate and objective data, Pallon helps to prevent wastewater leaks, reduce CO2 emissions, and avoid urban flooding.

The Technology Fund provided us with secured, non-dilutive financing at an early stage that allowed us to focus on product and business development.

Christian Koch

Perspective Robotics AG (Fotokite)

Fotokite designs and manufactures purpose-built aerial situational awareness products that provide valuable overview information to Firefighters and First Responders to help them manage complex, safety-critical situations. Fotokite’s offices in Zurich CH, Syracuse NY, and Boulder CO support Public Safety customers worldwide. Fotokite’s core technology was born at the Flying Machine Arena and spun off from ETH Zurich in 2014. 

The Technology Fund loan guarantee helps accelerate our team's ability to expand serial production capacity and meet the demand from our market. This support results in the ability to deliver more of our systems to help firefighters and first responder teams stay safer and get their job done.

Christopher McCall


Pexapark's Operating System helps secure the long-term ROI of renewable energy investments. The platform includes a variety of different applications which facilitate transactions and help renewable energy investors build the new skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a post-subsidy market. 

At Pexapark, we are passionate about the global growth of renewable energy to create a more sustainable world. The Technology Fund has helped us in our ambition to become the Operating System of choice for the renewables industry to buy, sell, and manage energy in post-subsidy markets.”

Michael Waldner
CEO & Co-Founder

Planted Foods AG

Planted produces meat from alternative proteins with a perfect texture and bite. The Zurich foodtech ETH spin-off was founded in 2019. In addition to other international awards, it earned first place at the TOP 100 Swiss Start-up Awards 2021. Inspired by nature, the company’s pioneering work takes an innovative biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology, thereby making a sustainable contribution to the environment. 

Thanks to the Technology Fund’s support, we can conduct research more intensively and continue to drive forward our expansion in terms of production and new markets – and have a greater positive impact even more quickly.

Lukas Böni

Polybloc AG

We have been producing air-to-air heat exchangers for energy-efficient building ventilation for over three decades. The heat recovery transfers 70% to 85% of waste heat into the incoming air. Thanks to our innovative “Vapobloc”, we now use water vapor-permeable membranes, so that depending on the season, a majority of the humidity can also be recovered from inside or outside. This ensures that the indoor air stays comfortable without transferring harmful substances or germs.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund will allow us to launch the products we have developed considerably faster. This is a decisive factor in maintaining our lead over the competition in the long run. This head start leads to not only earlier but also to greater commercial success.

Alex Herzog
Managing Director a.i.

Ponera Group Sagl

Our mission is to facilitate circular logistics through our smart modular and digitally enabled industrial packaging solution. Today 30% of global industrial wood consumption is used for production of industrial packaging, 40% of which custom made, only used once then disposed. Our solution increases efficiency while reducing wood waste up to 95% and CO2 emissions of around 80%. 

The Technology Fund loan guarantee is a catalyst for Ponera to assemble the resources needed to accelerate our industrial and market expansion, while continue innovate and develop enhanced sustainable solutions. Each modular pallet component sold by Ponera reduces more than 100 kg of CO2 emissions over the product life-cycle; quicker growth means exponential impact.

Matthew Reali
Co-Founder & CEO

Power-Blox AG

Power-Blox’s main product is a modular, flexible solar battery cube that is easy to install and scale. For example, an entire village in Africa with dozens of homes can be electrified in just three days. The ease of scalability makes it possible to expand the system and invest more as the customer’s energy demands increase, which significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of the system. Combining the technology with pay-as-you-go smart meters or blockchain opens up completely new business models in developing countries and western markets.

In addition to the rapid expansion of our team, we must also finance the research and development of our next products across our portfolio. At the same time, we require up-front investment for production of large batches in order to move past the chicken-egg dilemma in terms of economies of scale as quickly as we can. Financial support from the Technology Fund is making this possible.

Beat Lehmann

Recommerce AG

On Recommerce’s platform,, users can sell their used mobile phones, tablets and MacBooks easily without registration. Recommerce repairs, restores and classifies the electronics so that they can be resold as used devices. This conserves a great deal of resources.

With the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we can push forward with enhancing our platform for the purchase, sale and repair of smartphones, tablets, Apple watches and MacBooks.

Peter Oertlin


Scantrust QR codes and platform help drive awareness on the origin and footprint of the products consumers buy and use on a daily basis, while introducing no additional electronic waste into the environment as opposed to sensors/electronic based digital tags (e.g. RFID, NFC) and can typically be recycled along with the entirety of product packaging or labels.

The technology fund guarantee is particularly helpful for Scantrust because it emboldens us to invest into scaling our company and realizing our mission of ensuring that each and every product can share its unique story with end-customers. It helps us to accelerate several high-impact, urgent initiatives and begin to scale them immediately.

Nathan J. Anderson
CEO & Co-Founder

Secure Switzerland AG

Secure Switzerland SA (ex Adaptricity), an ETH Zurich spin-off, has developed a cloud-based grid analysis platform for distribution grid operators. They can use it to better understand their power grid infrastructure using data-driven grid analysis, enabling cost savings in grid operation, maintenance and planning. With Adaptricity.Mon, our new grid monitoring tool, grid operators can visualize, simulate and analyze their power grids almost in real time. This can increase efficiency in grid operation, and ensure better renewable energy  integration and lower grid losses. 

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund allows us to press ahead with the commercial scaling of our software products for distribution grid planning and monitoring more quickly and in multiple markets at once. This brings us clear strategic competitive and time advantages.

Andreas Ulbig

Selfrag AG

Selfrag AG relentlessly works on transforming waste to value by (i) improving recycling and recovery rates, (ii) by reducing the CO2 impact on our planet and (iii) by reducing the volumes to be landfilled by at least 50%. They rely on their unique and patented technology as well as on the support of a wide range of scientists, engineers, and business partners in order to help closing the gap to a functioning circular economy.

All of us at Selfrag are very proud of having received the support of the Technology Fund. The funding confirms our strategy. It will help us in the further implementation of our business plan. It has allowed us to initiate the permitting process for our second large Waste to Value plant.

Anton Affentranger
Executive Chairman

Sensoryx AG

Sensoryx, a high-tech pioneer in digitizing motion, has developed and is currently the only company offering a fully integrated, wearable, mobile 3D tracking solution to accurately capture full body movements including hands and fingers of multiple users and objects. Such tracking is essential in the field of VR/AR corporate training but also for rehabilitation, diagnosis, animation, e-commerce and sports. The technology allows the setup of decentralized, low-cost, ad-hoc training areas without stationary cameras, where users can collaboratively train in small groups, interacting with each other and real objects – as naturally as in real life.

The loan guarantee grants Sensoryx access to an affordable credit line that will serve as working capital to help us finance our production and revenue scale up.

Fabian Wenner
Co-Founder & CFO

ShoeSize.Me AG

ShoeSize.Me is a machine-learning technology that helps online shoppers to purchase shoes in the correct size. Shoe companies and shoe brands install this SaaS solution in their online shops. It drastically reduces the number of unnecessary returns, since orders of the wrong size is the number one reason for returns on the rapidly growing online market.

Support from the Technology Fund allows us to accelerate our software and international growth. Our goal is to reduce size-related returns in the shoe industry to a minimum over the long term.

Timo Steitz
CEO & Founder

SkyCell AG

SkyCell, which is based in Switzerland, is an award-winning provider of temperature-controlled containers that have a highly secure and efficient design characterized by its patented insulation and special rechargeable cooling technology. Each container is also equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) sensors connected to SkyCell’s cloud-based, blockchain-encrypted software. These sensors monitor temperature, humidity and other factors to ensure the best possible protection. While the average temperature deviation in other containers is around 8.5%, SkyCell reports than its containers only deviate by an average of 0.1%.

Ever more customers are choosing SkyCell as the safest solution on the market. We are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical logistics and support our customers in significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The Technology Fund is supporting our rapid growth, enabling us to safely bring temperature-sensitive medication to the patients who need it.

Richard Ettl

smart-me AG

smart-me develops, produces and markets a cloud-based smart metering platform and compatible hardware devices. smart-me hardware devices transmit electricity, heat, gas, and water consumption data to the cloud, where it is made available to consumers in real time. According to a study by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, smart meters can reduce energy consumption in households by 2.7% through visualization alone.

We need capital in order to successfully further develop our smart-me cloud services and hardware devices. The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund will make it considerably easier for us to access these financial resources.

David Eberli

SmartHelio SA

SmartHelio Sarl is a fast-growing clean-tech data company based in Lausanne. They have developed an intelligent predictive climate software to keep solar plants healthy for longer time and generate 10% more clean energy.  Known as the Doctors of the Solar Plants, they got recognised in 2022 as “Best for the world” by B-Corporation institute for its high contribution to the environment and impact on CO2 reduction. 

The Technology Fund loan guarantee supports SmartHelio’s efforts in carbon neutrality and in the fast adoption of clean energy in the society. It will help us to scale faster and expand our impact globally.

Govinda Upadhyay
CEO & Founder

Smixin AG

Smixin is dedicated to improving health and sustainability and develops networked, efficient, economic hand-washing systems. The use of IoT technology offers customers immediate data access and allows changes in behavior. Smixin stands for smart-mixing-inside and refers to its patented technology that automatically doses and mixes soap, air and water to achieve an optimal result. The all-in-one hand-washing stations allow thorough, easy hand washing with 90% less water and up to 60% less soap.

To offer the advantages of Smixin to a wider market, we have integrated our technology into a fitting that can be installed around the world in public washrooms, with web-based management tools for facility managers. With support from the Technology Fund, we can consolidate our in-house team and internal processes while working to expand our market coverage.

Jean-Michel Deckers

Soobr AG

Soobr AG is a Swiss technology company driving digital transformation in the cleaning sector. Soobr provides sustainable facility management based on data and artificial intelligence. This leads to more environmentally friendly cleaning, reduced costs, increased transparency and higher quality.

We are delighted about the support that Soobr is receiving from the Swiss Technology Fund. The loan guarantee will enable us to further improve our SaaS solution for companies and help our clients to access greater potential savings when it comes to maintenance cleaning and thereby conserve resources.

Kaspar Adank

Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG

Sulzer & Schmid is a technology innovator in the renewable energy inspection sector, focussing on wind turbines. We developed the fully autonomous drone-based inspection platform 3DX. This fully digital system supports the entire workflow from inspection planning, aerial missions, data analysis to report generation. AI-supported tools assist identifying and categorizing damages and exploring the data gathered.

We are delighted to receive support from the Technology Fond during this extraordinary time. We have seen unchanged strong demand for our technology from the wind industry and see more opportunities through the advancing clean energy transition ahead. We will utilize the funding to expand our R&D, creating further high-tech innovation and jobs.

Tom Sulzer
CEO & Co-Founder


The technology company SWISCA combines precision and efficiency with sustainability and safety. It sets new standards in the Swiss milling industry with its patented, energy-saving process equipment, automation solutions and weighing systems, with the goal of becoming climate-positive by 2028. Quality with environmental benefits for the next generation – made in Switzerland.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund shows its confidence in our innovative strength. It will enable us to keep making progress on our road towards a more sustainable future, fully in line with our slogan: Next Generation. Because that’s what truly matters in today’s world.

Heinz Brand
CEO & Founder

Swiss PV AG

SWISS PV manufactures customized solar modules for building shells. SWISS PV is the only company in the world that offers crystalline double-glazed solar modules in all colors, shapes and performance classes. The solar cells may be visible or can be manufactured in any color in order to blend in with their surroundings. SWISS PV guides its customers through every step of the process of a building-integrated photovoltaic system: from planning and manufacture to commissioning.

We will use the additional capital from the guaranteed loan to further automate our production facility. We are very thankful for the trust and support of the Technology Fund.

Markus Gisler

Swiss Shrimp AG

Currently, all the prawns consumed in Switzerland are deep-frozen and imported from other countries. SwissShrimp’s goal is to actively counter this trend, and it has attracted a great deal of interest. SwissShrimp operates a commercial indoor aquaculture system in Rheinfelden for salt-water prawns. The location near Schweizer Salinen AG provides SwissShrimp with easy access to waste heat and salt. The prawns are farmed without antibiotics and are sold fresh.

The loan guaranteed by the Technology Fund allows us to build the first commercial Swiss prawn farm and enter the market.

Rafael Waber


SwissDrones specializes in the development, production and operation of unmanned helicopters for inspections, search and rescue, and public safety. With payloads of up to 40 kg, professional sensors and rescue gear can be carried across large distances for several hours. This means they can replace manned helicopters, using over 90% less fuel.

The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund is a key component of our growth financing; it allows us to develop our products and solutions further and expand our market presence. This will enable the use of low-emission helicopter drones for critical situations in a wide range of countries.

Ulrich Amberg

Swissframe AG

Swissframe AG specializes in the prefabrication of building technology modules for net zero multi-family residential buildings. Its expertise covers the entire lifecycle of a building and offers unique technological innovation. This significantly reduces energy consumption and decarbonizes one of the largest asset classes in the world. 

The support of the Technology Fund is crucial in order to intensify the commercialization of our finished product and enable the pre-production of our systems. The loan guarantee will enable us to scale our sales activities and successfully implement the market launch, thus further expanding our market presence.

Balz Hegg

Terrabloc SA

Terrabloc produces air-dried clay blocks made of excavated soil used for building façades, walls and partitions. In contrast to fired bricks or concrete blocks, Terrabloc clay blocks use natural resources, such as sand, gravel and clay.

The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund allows us to convert our current manual production to a semi-automatic process. Moreover, it allows us to hire new employees for our sales, production and project management teams in order to drive our growth.

Rodrigo Fernandez & Laurent de Wurstemberger

Tide Ocean AG

In collaboration with the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Tide Ocean SA has developed a procedure to upcycle ocean-bound plastic and return it to the production cycle. #tide supports fishing communities in Southeast Asia with collecting the plastic, gives the waste value and uses it to create high-quality granules, yarn and filament. The company was quickly able to attract prominent customers and brands like Tom Ford and the Fossil Group, who make use of the award-winning #tide ocean material®.

With #tide ocean material®, we’ve developed recycled material from ocean-bound plastic that is in demand around the world. The support from the Technology Fund is enabling us to rapidly expand our business. We’ve very happy with this, because the financial support shows the value that FOEN (the Federal Office for the Environment) places on our sustainable and innovative business model.

Thomas Schori
CEO & Founder

Timber Structures 3.0 AG

The innovative Timber Structures 3.0 technology (TS3) glues timber components made of solid wood, laminated timber or plywood on the face side. This enables construction of point-supported multi-axial bearing panels or folded panels in any shape or size. This opens up a whole new world of structural and design-related options previously not possible in timber construction.

The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund helps us to finance our market launch and implement our patent strategy in our two main markets – the EU and the US.

Stefan Zöllig

Urban Connect AG

Urban Connect offers corporate clients a mobility platform that includes a mobility mix of various low-emission vehicles. First, the utilization of the company’s current fleet is analyzed, and then a tailored recommendation is made for a mix of electric cars, e-bikes and e-scooters. This helps our clients to reduce their costs, number of parking spaces, and their mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the guarantee provided by the Technology Fund, we can now intensify our product development to create a unique software platform for companies that enables shared, multimodal, sustainable fleet mobility. Thank you!

Judith Häberli
Co-Founder & CEO

Urban Sympheny AG

Sympheny, a spin-off of Empa, offers a Web app to support holistically optimized energy planning & management of sites from a building to an entire city. Existing and new technologies can be analysed in an integrated way, unleashing the full potential of sector coupling. This means more confidence and transparency in achieving sustainability objectives, and less time & money wasted along the way to net-zero CO2.

The guarantee from the Technology Fund gives Sympheny the fuel we need to drive our ambitious product development goals. It will allow us to accelerate our delivery of new features and capabilities to customers, enabling them to maximize their sustainability impact at minimal cost, and unlock new business opportunities for Sympheny.

Andrew Bollinger
CEO & Co-Founder


Pascal Brunner
CEO & Co-Founder

Verity AG

Verity’s inventory tracking system powered by self-flying drone technology automates inventory checks in large warehouses and distribution centers. By enabling zero-error warehouses, the system helps reduce CO2 emissions—especially for products that require substantial CO2e to produce, expire, or are made redundant due to inventory tracking errors.  

The Technology Fund’s support is important validation that the Verity system does even more than improve employee’s lives and add commercial value. By eliminating errors and supply chain inefficiencies, it also delivers a substantial positive impact to the environment. Reducing waste is critical and urgent, and we are proud to support that effort.

Raffaello D’Andrea
CEO & Co-Founder

Villiger Public-Systems GmbH

The Villiger Group is a pioneer when it comes to the development and production of waste disposal systems. Villiger Public-Systems developed the Speed Lifter, a waste collection vehicle that incorporates an innovative lifting system for emptying refuse and underfloor containers. The Speed Lifter is considerably faster and more efficient than standard crane equipment.

The Technology Fund helps us to finance our innovative products, including engineering, demo equipment, sales personnel and marketing measures for our global market launch.

Paul Villiger
Member of the Board


Minor voltage fluctuations in the power grid are not unusual. They can only be noticed on the electricity bill. VoltControl continuously stabilizes the voltage supplied by the mains to the desired voltage (usually 210 volts). You consume less electricity and save costs.

The guarantee from the Technology Fund supports us in the further development and distribution of existing products.

Frederic Dubois

Wegaw AG

Energy security and volatile prices are primary threats to a clean energy transition. Wegaw offers the underlying climate tech solution to a sustainable energy future through satellite data, AI and unique machine learning models. Coupled with tech transformation experience, we optimise renewable energy production and trading capabilities.

With the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we will grow our frontier climate tech’s R&D capabilities, expand our business development team as well as invest in our highly skilled engineering resources. Thanks to the funding we can work towards our goal to become one of the most prolific go-to partners for a global clean energy transition.

Ion Padilla
CEO, Co-Founder & Chairman

Wildbiene + Partner AG

In addition to honey bees, more than 600 species of wild bees work hard every day across Switzerland to pollinate agricultural crops, ensuring equilibrium in a variety of ecosystems. Thus, Wildbiene + Partner is implementing a comprehensive strategy for a future that includes wild bees: with well-founded educational work, active and targeted propagation of wild bees, and with the creation of habitats for wild bees, it is playing a significant role in ensuring that pollinators in Switzerland and Europe do not disappear.

The guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund gives us the planning security we need in our extremely seasonal area of activity and allows us to bring our vision of a future with wild bees throughout Europe.

Claudio Sedivy

Wingtra AG

Wingtra is an ETH spin-off that develops new types of drones for commercial use, particularly in the area of agriculture. The data collected by the drones can be used to analyze the characteristics of large areas, such as crop fields. This enables agricultural businesses to use chemicals in a more targeted way and thus increase their yields.

Thanks to the guaranteed loan from the Technology Fund, we can further expand our procurement, production and sales organization in order to implement our planned revenue growth.

Elias Kleimann
Gründer & CFO

Younergy Solar AG

Younergy sells electricity via on-site solar PPAs (power purchase agreement). We developed a software platform that enables us to efficiently scale the origination, funding and operation of distributed solar PV systems. Present in 3 European markets we grow rapidly by relying on a network of Solar Partners to sell and install our projects. In the process we aggregate a highly fragmented market and make self-consumption solar accessible and bankable.

The Swiss Technology Fund provides validation and key financial support. Both allow Younergy Solar SA to keep investing in its core technology and in its business expansion. We’re extremely happy to count on their support.

Pedro Miranda

Zaphiro Technologies SA

Zaphiro contributes to the Energy Transition by supporting grid operators in integrating more renewable generators and electric vehicles in their electrical grid, while maintaining a high quality of the power supply for end consumers. SynchroGuard is a breakthrough smart grid solution, which optimally controls the power infeed from generators and batteries, and also accurately locates short-circuits to reduce the number and duration of black-outs.

Thanks to the Technology fund support, we can accelerate the development of new product features and expand our marketing activities. We are already carrying out pilot projects with well-known customers and these additional funds will help Zaphiro to achieve large-scale commercialization.

Lorenzo Zanni
COO & Co-Founder
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* all successful, former portfolio companies