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Economically attractive financing solution for companies without access to regular corporate loans

Low interest rates possible

Banks and other suitable lenders usually offer lower interest rates to companies which are backed by a loan guarantee of the Technology fund.

Sound prospects of success

Around 40% of all applicants received a loan guarantee in the first two operating years of the Technology Fund. The technology fund can grant loan guarantees in the total amount of CHF 350 million.

Autonomy is preserved

The guarantees provide a means of financing a project, without affecting the existing ownership structures. Financial capability increases remarkably when having received a loan guarantee (positive leverage effect).

Business plan assessed by the experts

Successful companies who receive a guarantee can be assured that their business concept received a positive evaluation from a team of cleantech experts.

Established application process

The technology fund developed an efficient and goal-oriented application process which enables applicants to process fast. 

Strengthening the Swiss cleantech sector

The loan guarantees complement other public avenues of support and strengthen Switzerland as a centre for innovation in clean technologies. By way of the guarantee, lenders are able to attract the customers of tomorrow.