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Federal Office for the Environment

The Technology Fund - an important instrument in Swiss climate politics

Legal basis

Both article 35 of the COAct of 23 December 2011 (Act, SR 641.71) and the associated regulations for implementation in articles 114 to 118 of the Ordinance for the Reduction of COEmissions of 30 November 2012 (Ordinance, SR 641.711, status as of 1.12.2014) form the legal basis for the Technology Fund. Further details are set out in the guidelines of the financial and guarantee policies, as well as in the guarantee directive (in German).

Annual review 2022

The Management Agency of the Technology Fund prepared an annual report 2022 (DE) which sums up the most important insights gained.

FOEN and SFOE on steering committee

Representatives of the FOEN and SFOE form a strategic committee which steers the Management Agency by means of a performance mandate. The work of this steering committee is supported by the Climate Division of the FOEN (climate policy section).

Awarding of loan guarantees

This organigram shows the parties involved in the awarding of the loan guarantees, and the connections between them.