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Innovative companies which already received a loan guarantee due to their contribution to climate protection

AgriCircle AG

AgriCircle provides farmers with electronic tools to make cultivating their fields more efficient and environmentally friendly. The company also pursues applied research in the area of satellite and drone-aided remote sensing with the goal of simplifying the tillage decision-making process and optimizing resources used in the field (fertilizer, pest management, seed).

As part of a project funded in part by the European Space Agency (ESA), a satellite-aided soil classification procedure is to be developed jointly with the German agricultural research facility LUFA, which can be used as a basis for site-specific fertilization

Daniel Markward


AM Technology SA develops and produces innovative functional paints based on AIRLITE, an air purification technology developed using state-of-the-art materials science and nanoscience.

These paints can turn any architectural surface into a natural air purifier that only needs light energy to function and does not make any noise or require any maintenance.

Airlite can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a genuine and effective solution for improving the quality of our most critical natural resource, air.

Healthy air is not just a basic requirement, it is a fundamental right. A large injection of capital is needed to drive forward market expansion in the Middle East, China, Thailand, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Arun Jayadev

Allthings Technologies AG

Allthings Technologies AG develops a front-end software platform for real estate developer and property managers. The platform enables digital communication among owners, property managers and tenants and adds digital services to increase efficiency and sustainability in buildings. Tenants can install multiple micro-apps thereby taking advantage of sustainability-oriented services such as an energy monitoring system. 

We experience high demand all over Europe, in particular from asset managers. To expand in further European countries, more upfront capital is required. The Technology Fund provides us with the necessary backing for fast Europe-wide scaling.

Marc Beermann

Ampard AG

Ampard Ltd. develops an energy management system that increases the share of self-produced electricity in single- and multi-family houses, which already use photovoltaic systems and battery storage devices. Furthermore, the energy management system AMPARD aggregates solar storage systems to a virtual power plant. These decentralized storage systems can help to stabilize the grid in storing excess grid power temporarily. Selling unused battery capacity to the frequency regulation markets means additional revenues for battery owners and accelerates the further expansion of renewable energies in a decentralized energy supply system. 

We are experiencing great demand for AMPARD and are about to increase market development activities in Switzerland, Germany and Benelux region. The loan guarantee helps to back this important investments.

Simon Summermatter

Aqua-4D Water Solutions

Aqua-4D Water Solutions develops, produces and markets an electromagnetic water treatment technology which recreates the natural water structure thereby increasing its ability to dissolve and transport minerals. The company’s main areas of application are: irrigation, livestock breeding and building industry. 

The successful completion of our validation projects is key to winning large clients. The support of the Technology Fund is extremely helpful during this intense key process of international market development. Currently we join forces to develop our business in Latin America.

Eric Valette

AquaSwiss AG

AquaSwiss uses innovative technology to build high-quality, energy-efficient and CO2-optimized water desalination plants.

AquaSwiss AG are “The Thermal Desalination Experts!”

Manfred Ried
Head Global Business Development

Attolight SA

Attolight produces instruments for use in quality control in the semiconductor industry, both during the research and development phase and during the production of components. The company operates primarily in the LED, display, power transistor and silicon photonics segments.

Most semiconductor manufacturing now takes place in Asia, and it is for this reason that Attolight has plans to expand there. These plans include investing in demonstration devices as well as new business development. The loan guarantee from the Technology Fund will make these investments possible.

Samuel Sonderegger

Avrios International AG

Data of company vehicle fleets are usually distributed in various independent systems such as ERP-systems, excel-sheets and access-databases. Avrios is able to reduce this complexity with its modern and neutral online platform that collects all data automatically in a centralized database. In doing so, a 360-degree view of the fleet is achieved creating financial transparency. With its platform, Avrios is able to systematically influence fleet managers to act more ecologically thereby reducing carbon emissions significantly. 

Use of our current platform has already significantly reduced both energy consumption and wear and tear of our customers. Thanks to the loan guarantee we are now able to scale our product even faster and help more fleet managers operate their fleets efficiently and sustainably.

Andreas Brenner

Battrion AG

Battrion AG is an ETH spin-off that is developing a new manufacturing technology for rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The technology allows batteries to be produced more affordably and with double the charging speed, making them ideally suited for use in electric vehicles. As the technology can cut charging times for electric cars by up to 50%, it can make a major contribution to the introduction of electromobility.

Our innovative manufacturing process increases the charging speed by improving the microstructure of a battery’s negative electrode. Such an electrode reduces the path that lithium ions travel by 50% to 70%. The process also allows the use of flake graphite, which is significantly more environmentally friendly and affordable.

Our technology has been engineered to allow one-step integration into existing industrial battery manufacture. This enables battery manufacturers to improve their battery performance and reduce costs without compromising existing capital investment in machinery.

The loan guarantee is helping us build a test center for our customers at our business premises in Dübendorf. This test center will comprise the machinery of a normal pilot plant for battery manufacture and enable its expansion through our technology. The test center will allow us to perform the tests required by our customers.

Deniz Bozyigit

BEN Energy AG

BEN Energy combines insights from behavioral economics and cutting-edge predictive analytics to deliver the tools for utilities to establish themselves as service provider. The company enables utility companies to deliver regulatory required energy savings, gain extensive customer insights and increase sales.  Furthermore, it derives personalized feedback on energy usage to each end-customer and motivates users to engage in energy saving actions or to invest into a specific efficiency-product or service. 

Currently, 35 energy providers from Switzerland, Germany and Austria are subscribed to our platform. Our company has already reached the roll-out phase. The loan guarantee of the Technology Fund helps us to scale up further and acquire new customers in Switzerland and abroad.

Jan Marckhoff

ChromaCon AG

ChromaCon AG develops and sells laboratory and industrial equipment with innovative processes for purifying high-quality materials using chromatography, primarily for the biopharmaceutical industry. The patented processes are unique worldwide and enable the separation of impurities within a continuous process thereby attaining significantly higher yields while using far less column materials and buffer solutions.

The guarantee of the technology fund backs the development and commercialization of our technology through to process-scale.

Michael Bavand

Climatex AG

The Climatex brand stands for climatizing and recyclable textiles. They equalize temperatures, regulate moisture, and are extremely durable. Climatex is an innovative technology for sustainable materials. Climatex products promote health and wellbeing. The individual textile components can be separated and fully recycled, meaning they flow back into their natural and technical cycles. Climatex is Cradle to Cradle certified.

We need a new round of financing to implement our IP strategy. We are pleased that the Technology Fund is supporting us in this respect.

Andreas Heydasch

Codecheck AG

CodeCheck offers comprehensive product information and ratings. For example, users can scan the barcodes on cosmetic products with the CodeCheck app to find out whether they contain parabens, silicone, palm oil or microplastics. It also shows whether food products contain any additives or palm oil, or even too much sugar and fat. Additional warnings are given for vegans, vegetarians, and people with lactose or gluten intolerance. CodeCheck is critical, competent and independent. It helps the user make healthy and sustainable purchase decisions.

The Swiss Technology Fund is now supporting CodeCheck, alongside existing investors. The fresh capital will allow the successful online platform for healthy and sustainable shopping to introduce an innovative CO2 feature, among other things.

Roman Bleichenbacher

Designery SA

Designergy develops and markets fully integrated PV roof modules, which not only generate electricity but also insulate against heat, cold and humidity. The product re-places classic roof structures built of tiles, insulation and separate PV-modules.

The loan guarantee is a milestone in the development of our company. It significantly helps the commercialization of our product.

Daniel Lepori

DHP Technology AG

DHP Technology develops, produces and sells the world’s only patented folding solar roof. In contrast to roof-mounted and freestanding solar panels, the folding solar roof enables double use of industrial surfaces to produce solar power thanks to its unique lightweight construction and folding mechanism. These surfaces cannot be developed using conventional fixed solar panels, thus creating enormous market potential for the folding solar roof.

After the market entry, it is now a matter of expanding and fully automating the production infrastructure at our Landquart location. For long-term project development, we need additional working capital for pre-financing.

Gian Diem
Geschäftsführender Partner

Eaternity AG

Today’s marketed software application “Eaternity Cloud” is a unique restaurant management solution for calculating carbon emission and indicating the healthiness of meals. It automatically assesses costs, margins, carbon emissions, environmental sustainability, allergens, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

We aim to expand our solution to individual gastronomy. By doing so, we are forced to develop the automation of the solution further and to shift it completely to the cloud. The loan guarantee allows us to proceed quickly.

Manuel Klarmann

eCarUp AG

eCarUp offers an integrated system (app and hardware) that allows you to easily rent (semi-)private electronic charging stations to third-party users. Charging fees are deducted automatically. A low-cost retrofit set upgrades charging stations with intelligent metering technology. The charging processes can be measured very precisely and recorded in real time via cloud software. Charging points can be registered and managed in the free eCarUp app (iOS/Android). Owners can configure the conditions of use according to their individual needs (available times, price for parking fee/energy). Drivers of electric cars can locate available charging stations and activate them via the app.

eCarUp aims to alleviate the chicken-and-egg problem of electric mobility (no charging stations without electric cars and vice versa) with an affordable, versatile solution.

Fabian Trinkler

Ecospeed AG

The government’s CO2 ordinance requires the Swiss cantons to reveal the CO2 emissions for their building stock on an annual basis. The Swiss cantons have assigned this task to the company ECOSPEED (the project will start in the third quarter of 2016). ECOSPEED wants to enrich this data in a GIS platform and use it to develop a range of exciting new services for the building stock (e.g. building monitoring for energy cities, GIS maps for cantonal and municipal energy planning, monitoring as part of the government’s Energy Strategy 2050).

To implement the GIS platform and the new services derived from it, ECOSPEED relies on the capital that has been secured by the Technology Fund’s loan guarantee.

Christoph Hartmann

ElectricFeel AG

Shared mobility systems are an attractive way for cities to make transportation more space- and resource-efficient. For users, they represent a flexible and cost-effective way to get from A to B without the expense of owning and running a car. ElectricFeel offers system operators a form of optimization software which, thanks to intelligent, self-learning algorithms, can predict demand and availabilities, thereby dramatically increasing efficiency in logistics and, thus, system availability.

The Technology Fund helps us to scale the ElectricFeel business model in the European market for bike and e-mobility sharing.

Moritz Meenen

Enersis Suisse AG

enersis suisse combines experience of policies, processes, systems and people in the energy industry with modern methods and tools. This approach enables customers of enersis suisse to achieve their objectives more quickly, add value and carve out competitive advantages.

The services offered by enersis suisse range from classic business and IT consulting, and sales of its standard software suite GRIDS, to product identification for different energy solutions.

The Technology Fund is helping us to expand our sales and development teams, as well as the technical infrastructure (SAP HANA environment) for predictive analysis in mass-scale processes.

Christina Wuerthner

ennos gmbh

ennos gmbh develops, produces and markets the sunlight pump, a highly efficient portable solar water pump for smallholder irrigation and domestic water supply. A highly efficient, brushless permanent magnet motor makes the solar pump highly effective for smallholders and reduces wear and tear.

The loan guarantee greatly facilitates our production expansion and distribution capacity over the next six years.

Karin Jeanneret Vezzini

eSMART Technologies SA

Based on innovative electronic modules that communicate on the electrical power line, eSMART is a complete smart home management system. The modules are plugged directly into the home’s existing electric grid and connected to a touch-screen, smartphone and computer. eSMART gives home owners remote and automatic control of things around their home to understand and reduce energy consumption. 

We are about to further develop our product and intensify marketing activities. In addition, resources are needed to protect our intellectual property. The Technology Fund gives us the necessary backing during this phase.

Fabrizio Lo Conte

Eturnity AG

Eturnity AG develops, operates and sells the Eturnity white-label platform LEA (Live Energy Analysis), which enables energy providers, installers and planners to speed up the sales and consulting process for decentralized energy systems by 50–80%. This is achieved by offering digital support throughout all stages of the sales and consulting process. The Eturnity LEA platform covers the following process stages: lead generation, dimensioning, simulation (physical, economic), and fast and customer-focused on-site consulting including quote generation with a choice of designs and in the customer’s CI. In addition, the Eturnity LEA platform can be seamlessly integrated into upstream (e.g. CRM) or downstream (e.g. ERP, accounting) systems.

With our solutions, we at Eturnity aim to take the sales and consulting processes of companies in the energy industry to the next level. In doing so, we want to join our customers in making a contribution to more renewable energy and efficient use of energy.

Matthias Wiget

Explosion Power GmbH

Explosion Power GmbH develops, produces, markets and maintains Shock Pulse Generators (SPG). The online cleaning process of power plant boilers with SPG-systems represents considerable energetic improvement compared to the conventional baseline procedure with soot blowers.

We plan to penetrate the market of industrial boiler systems with our newly devel-oped and stronger SPG twin-system. The available financial resources are required for pushing forward our production and distribution efficiently.

Paul Müller

Fagus Suisse SA

FAGUS SUISSE AG is a Swiss specialist in beech processing and is known for its innovations in the timber construction industry. Thanks to its strength, beech (“Fagus” in Latin) is ideally suited for use in load-bearing structures. It is as strong as steel and concrete and therefore shows great promise as a building material of the future. FAGUS SUISSE AG produces elements for construction and semi-finished components, as well as laminated wood panels for furniture manufacture and interior fittings.

Together with timber construction experts, FAGUS SUISSE AG has developed a range of innovative products made of beechwood. A state-of-the-art production center is currently being built in the canton of Jura and is due for completion in 2019. It will enable the company to produce and process beechwood even more efficiently in the future.

Investing in production systems and infrastructure is very cost-intensive, as is investing in R&D and market development activities – we are pleased that the Technology Fund is supporting us in this respect.

Stefan Vögtli

Farmy AG

Tobias Schubert and Roman Hartmann both have a passion for healthy and sustainable products. But they don’t have time to visit various different farm stores each time they go grocery shopping. To solve this problem, they created Farmy, an online store selling regional and organic produce. The duo from Zurich put their business online in June 2014 and were immediately rewarded with a sharp rise in the number of orders. In December, they also caught the eye of a group of renowned investors.

Thanks to the growth finance from the Technology Fund, we can now build up a fleet of electric trucks.

Tobias Schubert
Gründer & CEO

FluidSolids AG

FluidSolids® is a composite material consisting of renewable natural raw materials. It is made up of fibre, filling materials and a binding agent. All of these materials are generated as industrial waste in the processing of renewable raw materials. As a result no agricultural land is used for the production of FluidSolids®. As a material FluidSolids® is also free from odours and emissions, and is biologically degradable.

The support of the Technology Fund will accelerate our investment in technical machinery and patentable innovation. We aim to increase serial production quickly.

Beat Karrer


greenTEG develops thermal sensor and energy harvesting solutions which enable the conversion of thermal differences into electrical voltage. In addition, the company offers market solutions for increased energy efficiency and thermal measurements. By using the innovative technology of greenTEG AG, a small investment is enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions approximately 25% in comparison to conventional thermostats.

We are about to market an intelligent heating valve. The market entry and the corresponding high production costs at the beginning get significantly supported by the loan granted by the Technology Fund.

Wulf Glatz

HeiQ Materials AG

HeiQ produces textile chemistry effects to give functionality to textile surfaces. The latest HeiQ innovation in their range of Clean Tech products is the Dyefast technology. This technology enables a faster, more even, energy and water-efficient, and cost-effective organisation of the polyester textile fibre dyeing process.

The growth of the sales team and the global technical service is extremely resource-intensive. This loan will give us essential backing during the roll-out phase of our latest Clean Tech technology.

Carlo Centonze

INSYS Industriesysteme AG

Insys is a Switzerland-based global manufacturer of specialty machinery for custom precision equipment and adaptable standard machinery. Insys has been developing and manufacturing automation equipment for the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical devices, and watch and jewelry industries for 25 years. The company has partnerships with firms around the world. Its newly incorporated Smart Automation Group has offices in Canada, the US, Hungary, Switzerland and China, and works with strategic partners in all regions worldwide.

We have a mission: we are constantly searching for progress. We see the enormous opportunities that automation can bring. It helps to produce products that are higher quality, more precise and, most importantly, more resource-efficient. Automation is changing our world through a high degree of innovation. These are all opportunities that motivate us to be part of this change.

Martin Pfister

IS SaveEnergy AG

The technology of IS SaveEnergy AG improves the eco-balance of wood-fired heating plants. The patented technology to recover heat from flue gas significantly increases the energy efficiency thereby reducing the need for fossil energy sources during peak hours which, together with a highly efficient electrical precipitator for emission control, considerably lowers the CO2 emissions of the wood-fired systems.

The loan guarantee ensures a sustainable and secure growth of our business.

Roger Stahel

Jet Clean Systems

Jet Clean Systems AG provides products and services in the areas of surface processing, industrial cleaning and technical materials cutting based on Fluidjet technology.

Thanks to the Technology Fund, we can continue developing and launching our range of surface treatment systems based on the patented SURFAST technology.

Philipp Roth

Joulia SA

Joulia SA develops, produces and markets an innovative heat recovery module which is based on the so called technology “Joulia-inline”. The product is invisibly integrated into a slim channel in the shower floor and efficiently recovers heat energy from the warm shower water as it goes down the drain to pre-heat the incoming cold water. 

The loan guarantee will lead us to advance the commercialization and industrialization of our product. In addition we plan to invest in product training and sales promotion.

Reto Schmid


Our goal is to significantly reduce energy consumption in the lighting sector. We are developing autonomous LED tubes that are designed as a one-to-one replacement for fluorescent tubes. These autonomous LED tubes decide themselves how much light is needed at different times. This reduces energy consumption by 90% on average.

The loan guarantee is needed to ensure the market success and further development of our autonomous LED tubes.

Patrik Kuster
Leiter Finanzwesen

Meteomatics AG

Meteomatics specializes in the very specific IT requirements of the weather, energy and trading industries. With more than 10 years’ experience of developing leading forecasting systems, combined with the ability to process weather data quickly, Meteomatics can support its customers with tailored solutions.

The Technology Fund helps us by financing the accelerated roll-out of our Meteodrone network and the associated improvement of weather forecasts for the renewable energy business.

Martin Fengler

Misurio AG

Misurio AG develops, markets and maintains software solutions to optimize operational planning of power supply companies. Misurio Optimizer is the core element for optimizing operational planning and constructing controllers for power plants, energy storage devices and flexible loads.

The loan guarantee of the Technology Fund supports our intention to proceed in market development and customer acquisition in Switzerland and Germany. In addition, we can invest in pre-finance software customization.

Karl Werlen


The Nanosurf Group, founded in 1997 in Liestal, Switzerland, specializes in atomic force microscopes. The products are developed and built at the company’s headquarters in Liestal by a team of experienced engineers and physicists. They are then sold worldwide via subsidiaries and an extensive network of distribution partners.

Nanosurf is currently developing three new, highly innovative products aimed at growing the company and doubling its sales in the next four years. The loan guarantee will enable sufficient funds to be raised for the projects, including for industrialization and global marketing.

Urs Matter

Nencki AG

Nencki AG is a Swiss family-run business that specializes in producing machinery and equipment made primarily of steel (including hydraulic systems and relevant controls) for the following industries in particular: railway technology (worldwide), plant construction (Europe), vehicle construction (Switzerland).

Thanks to the Technology Fund, we can drive forward our engineering projects for optimizing railway facilities, as well as internationalizing our sales activities and developing service and maintenance cells.

Seppi Käppeli

Nispera AG

Nispera creates added value for its customers by continuously and transparently monitoring system performance, offering advice on potential improvements together with technical intervention options, creating accurate energy generation and consumption forecasts, developing innovative management information tools, and providing solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Nispera currently has customers in several European countries and has also held initial talks with potential customers from outside of Europe. Thanks to the Technology Fund, the company can now take the next steps on its growth path.

Gianmarco Pizza

Omnisens SA

Omnisens SA develops, produces and implements systems to monitor energy industry assets such as oil- or gas-pipelines, power cables, subsea umbilical, flowlines and risers. Omnisens systems use fiber optic sensing to measure vibrations, temperature and strain changes and detect intrusions in quasi real-time. The system uses data analytics to detect leaks, ground movements and structural deformations. 

A modular and scalable software architecture is essential for the success of our product. However building up a reliable infrastructure requires upfront capital. Thanks to the backing of the Technology Fund we are now able to extend our software product and integrate additional data analytical algorithms to improve customer experience.

Geoffroy Lacoin

OrbiWise SA

OrbiWise SA develops and markets a complete LPWAN communication solution, optimized for connected objects. OrbiWise’ products enable energy efficient and sustainable applications in the smart city and smart agriculture domains among many others. The solution includes the complete software to operate and manage an LPWA network based on the LoRa™ standard, providing city scale or nation-wide connectivity for sensors and actuators.

The loan guarantee of the Technology Fund is instrumental in supporting our ambitious expansion plans in the Swiss and the global market.

Domenico Arpaia

Osterwalder AG

Osterwalder has decided to further develop its press platform, which is already established in the market. This will mainly involve implementing a new drive concept (electric drive vs. common hydraulic drive) for presses of between 70 and 160 metric tons, as well as adding further ergonomic functions that don’t yet exist in this form. With the new press platform and its innovative technology and accredited branding, the company is hoping to become the leader in this highly competitive market.

It’s no secret that Osterwalder builds probably the best powder presses in the world.

Nadja Leuthe

Recommerce AG

Buying a new cell phone is easy. Selling a used one is not so easy. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could sell a used cell phone in just a few clicks?

The founders of Recommerce thought so, too, which is why they developed a simple platform for buying and selling electronic devices. Cell phones, tablets, iPods and MacBooks can all be sold easily and without having to register.

With the additional capital, we can push forward with enhancing our platform for buying, selling and repairing cell phones, smartphones, tablets, Apple Watches and MacBooks.

Peter Oertlin

smart-me AG

smart-me AG develops, produces and markets a cloud-based smart metering platform and compatible hardware devices. smart-me hardware devices transmit consumer electricity, heath, gas and water data into the cloud, where it is accessible to users in real time. Existing meters can also be easily integrated in the cloud. According to a study by the SFOE, about 2.7% of electricity savings can be reached in households just by smart meter consumption visualization. 

To further develop our smart-me cloud services and hardware devices, additional capital is required. The backing by the Technology Fund allows us to better access additional financial resources.

David Eberli

Smixin AG

Smixin, based on a mixing unit that automatically mixes water, soap and air, has started a mini revolution – washing hands has never been more economical and hygienic.

Creaholic, the Swiss innovation hub of “the professional inventors” is behind Smixin. The ideas factory not only develops ground-breaking global innovations but also gets them ready for the market.

SMIXIN’s mission: to save 10 billion liters of water by 2021. It will do so with 250,000 hand washing systems around the world.

Denis Crottet

Sorba Absorber GmbH

Sorba Absorber GmbH produces and markets peat substitutes obtained from corn straw. The resulting products are so-called TEFA corn fibers. The high levels of crystal-line cellulose make TEFA corn fibers very robust and resistant to biological degradation in comparison to other peat substitutes. The Sorba-procedure is a stand-alone product on the market and registered for patent approval.

The loan guarantee supports our intention to expand production. This is the logical next step for us to counteract the negative consequences of peat consumption on global climate.

Stefan Grass

Swiss PV AG

Swiss PV AG is world pioneer in industrially manufactured and customized photovoltaics. The unique selling proposition of Swiss PV AG is a fully automated production process which not only delivers standardized solutions but also customized monocrystalline double-glazing solar modules in different colors, shapes and performance classes.

The additional capital we can raise thanks to the backing of the Technology Fund is needed for the further automatization of our production process. We highly appreciate the trust and support of the Technology Fund

Markus Gisler

SwissShrimp AG

SwissShrimp AG is planning to build up an indoor aquaculture facility in Rheinfelden to raise salt water shrimp locally. Swiss Saltworks with whom they join forces to build the facility is a great partner because of the direct access to waste heat and salt. The shrimp will be raised in a chemical-free natural environment and sold directly to wholesalers, catering business and consumers.

All shrimp that are consumed these days in Switzerland are deep-frozen and imported. We want to actively counteract this and - as the great interest from potential customers shows - so do they. The loan guarantee backs our intended project significantly. We plan to start the commercial shrimp sale in 2018.

Rafael Waber

Talbot New Energy

Talbot New Energy AG develops an innovative technology for the use of industrial process steam in the low pressure range. In the past, the energy content in the process steam remained partially unused. This is not the case with the technology of Talbot New Energy AG which generates environmentally friendly electrical energy without additional CO2 emissions. 

The financing of the commercialization and set-up of a Europe-wide distribution network is remarkably supported by the loan guarantee.

Richard von Wittgenstein-Talbot


Terrabloc produces air-dried clay blocks composed of excavated soil which are used for facades, walls and partitions. In contrary to fired and concrete bricks, clay blocks save natural resources such as sand, gravel and clay. 

We aim to convert our manual production into a semiautomatic process and hire additional employees in sales, production and project management. To successfully develop our business further, we rely on financial stability, which will be provided by the Technology Fund.

Rodrigo Fernandez & Laurent de Wurstemberger

Timber Structures 3.0 AG

Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG develops modern products and technology. One of these technologies – Timber Structures 3.0 – is so promising that a separate company was set up for it in Thun in 2014.

The engineers at Timbatec managed to glue timber on the face side. This opens up a whole new world of structural and design-related options that were previously not possible in timber construction.

Stefan Zöllig

Villiger Public-Systems GmbH

Villiger specializes in the development and production of disposal systems and is considered a pioneer in the field. With more than 150,000 systems installed in Switzerland and abroad, Villiger is one of the leading companies in the industry.

With the latest generations of the Speed Lifter, Speed Gripper and Cleaning Device, the company is making its mark internationally in the area of consolidated container management (general waste, glass, textiles, paper/cardboard, etc.). To achieve our objectives, we are reliant on external capital, such as that provided by the Technology Fund.

Paul Villiger
Member of the Board


Minor voltage fluctuations in the power grid are not unusual. They can only be noticed on the electricity bill. VoltControl continuously stabilizes the voltage supplied by the mains to the desired voltage (usually 210 volts). You consume less electricity and save costs.

The guarantee from the Technology Fund supports us in the further development and distribution of existing products.

Frederic Dubois

WeAct AG

WeAct works with businesses at the intersection of sustainability and organizational culture. The focus lies primarily on people’s commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources, energy, CO2 reduction, environmentally friendly mobility and nutrition.


We organize an annual three-week team tournament for Swiss companies and their employees using our online platform and app, which we developed in-house. In future, we would like to make the platform accessible all year round and also to the general public.

Riccardo Decarolis
Head of Customer Relations

Wingtra AG

Wingtra AG is an ETH spin-off that develops new types of drones for commercial use, especially in the area of agriculture. The data that is collected by the drones can be used to analyze the characteristics of large areas such as crop fields. This analysis enables farmers and agricultural businesses to use chemicals in a more targeted way and thereby increase their yields.

Thanks to the loan guarantee from the Technology Fund, we can scale our supply chain and sales even further, as well as being able to prepare and execute the product launch.

Elias Kleimann
Gründer & CFO

Winterthur Instruments AG

The contactless “coatmaster” coating thickness measurer enables perfect coatings with up to 30% less material, consistent quality thanks to seamless documentation, increased efficiency due to shorter set-up times, and higher productivity levels due to fewer rejects.

We’re on course: more than 200 coatmasters are already successfully in use.

Nils Reinke