Logo Technologiefonds (compressed version)

Target Group

Innovative companies whose products contribute to climate protection

Ecological benefit demonstrable

The applicant can prove that its innovation directly or indirectly reduces carbon emissions.

Innovation as a prerequisite

The innovation can be a novel technique/product/service, or the further development of facilities and techniques (or parts thereof).

Value added in Switzerland

A fair share of the value added should occur in Switzerland.

Project in the marketing phase

Successful applicants are in the marketing phase. The technology will have been tested and be market ready, or have already generated revenue or rather a reliable sales pipeline. The required creditworthiness may also be based on projected future earnings, as long as this is plausibly represented in the business plan. However, the company may not be heavily indebted or insolvent.

Guarantee as key factor in success

The lender will confirm that without the guarantee, the loan would not be granted at all, or only at a higher interest rate.

Lenders from Switzerland

Only loans from banks or other appropriate lenders based in Switzerland will be granted a guarantee. However, both the applicant and/or lender may be a Swiss subsidiary of an international group.

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