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Climate protection through innovative technologies

The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions



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Protezione del clima con tecnologie innovative

27.06.2018  |  17.07 - 19.07

Auditorio Sulio, Via Cantonale 18,6928 Manno

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Il Fondo per le Tecnologie ha come target tutte quelle imprese che grazie alle loro tecnologie innovative riducono le emissioni di gas serra, che utilizzano l'energia elettrica in modo efficiente, promuovono le energie rinnovabili e utilizzano le risorse naturali in modo parsimonioso.

Siamo lieti di invitarvi all’incontro, organizzato congiuntamente con la Fondazione Agire,  che ha lo scopo di informare sulla tipologia di sostegno di cui il Fondo dispone per incentivare gli imprenditori a migliorare le tecnologie esistenti o a commercializzarne di nuove.



Accoglienza, registrazione e apertura dell'evento


Lorenzo Ambrosini, Direttore Fondazione AGIRE

Saluti e introduzione 


Roman Rudel, Direttore ISAAC SUPSI

Panoramica del settore energetico svizzero e le rispettive   politiche federali, presentazione dell’Istituto di   Sostenibilita? Applicata all’Ambiente Costruito (ISAAC)


Martina Looser, responsabile sostituto del Fondo  

Presentazione del Fondo per le Tecnologie e delle    possibilità esistenti per le aziende


Fabrizio Noembrini, direttore TicinoEnergia

Energia, un’opportunità per le aziende


Domande e risposte


Aperitivo e networking sulla terrazza esterna PT

L’evento è gratuito ma è richiesta l’iscrizione entro il 25 giugno, i posti sono limitati. In allegato trovate il volantino che potete inoltrare ai vostri contatti.

L’iscrizione avviene tramite un modulo google. Nel caso qualcosa non funzionasse, in alternativa potete inoltrare le vostre iscrizioni all’indirizzo

Nell’attesa di accogliervi numerosi, porgiamo i nostri più cordiali saluti.


FIF (Female Innovation Forum) 2018

28.06.2018  |  10.00 - 23.00

BMW Brand Design Center, Industriestrasse 11, Dielsdorf

Das FIF (Female Innovation Forum) ist ein interaktives Event-Format, welches Innovatoren aus der Corporate World, der Startup- und Gründer-Szene sowie Business Angels und Investoren zusammenbringt und vor allem ein Empowerment für weibliche Innovatoren darstellt und sie nicht zuletzt auch sichtbar macht.

Das FIF besteht aus einem kreativen „Live Business Building“ Teil mit Impulsreferaten und Workshops zu fünf verschiedenen Themen am Nachmittag (13:30 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr).

Ab 18:00 Uhr folgt die Award Night mit einem interaktiven 10 Gänge Dinner (von Gamma Catering), einem Keynote Speech von Gina Domanig (der grössten Investorin im Bereich Clean Tech in ganz Europa), einem Live Music Act (von Tatort-Kommissarin Delia Meyer) und der Übergabe des Jury-Preises „Female Innovator Of The Year“.


Female Founder Drinks #5

04.07.2018  |  18.00 - 22.00

spaces, Bleicherweg, Zürich

Female Founder Drinks are thrilled to announce that the effervescent Elena Herdieckerhoff is travelling from Munich especially to give us a talk on:
How to land, deliver & market a 1.5 Million Views TEDx Talk!

Elena Herdieckerhoff co-founded Red Dot Stage after her life change event: presenting a TED talk which has already reached over 1.5 million views!
Click here to view it:

Elena has been a serial entrepreneur since her mid-twenties, one of her highlights was launching the premium skincare brand SELEXIR of Switzerland. Now her mission with Red Dot Stage is to help other entrepreneurs with a life-changing idea to take the world by storm with a successful TEDx Talk. Not only do TEDx talks change minds and hearts, they also offer a unique opportunity for founders to seize the spotlight and build a powerful community of followers and potential customers!

If you feel called to share your message on the TEDx stage (and are keen to find out how it can transform your business), be sure to join us for this amazing opportunity to learn about all things TEDx!

You are warmly invited to come along to this exciting talk and enjoy a drink or two with other inspiring and vibrant women. Please bring along your friends (including male friends!)

Here’s what some female founders have to say about past FFD evenings:

“Really inspirational and energizing. Thank you!”

“I met incredible ladies doing great things and/or with truly powerful ideas.”

Female Founder Drinks would like to thank Spaces for sponsoring the location. Spaces offer creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

The ticket price includes drinks and gourmet canapes!

Get in early to receive the early bird price and avoid disappointment by buying your ticket before ticket sales closes: 1st July – 18.30.

Date: 04.07.2018, from 18.30 h
Location: Spaces Bleicherweg, Zürich


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